Beware of the Wolf!

 werewolves within review

The advent of virtual reality has allowed us so far to live different types of experiences, while developers try to understand what may be the best way to make the most of this technology. In a few months we flew like eagles in Eagle Flight , explored unknown worlds in Robinson:


The Journey and fought inside the migs of Rigs , until you reach the moment to reach a more human dimension, to sit around a fire talking with other people. Reduced to the minimum terms is in fact what we find ourselves doing in  werewolves game, an adaptation for the virtual reality of the Mafia company game,


sighted for the first time in the ’80s to then get a decent success all over the world and a number of variations. Just one of the latter is at the center of the effort of Red Storm Entertainment, which with Werewolves Within can demonstrate how the dreaded alienation from virtual reality can actually become a wonderful way to engage in social relationships and possibly make new friends. Do not you believe it? Keep reading!

Werewolves Within shows that virtual reality does not necessarily have to lead us to extreme situations


“I suspect that one of the werewolves is Helluzzo, so far he has been too quiet without saying a word”, “Do not judge me just because I’m a quiet person, I told you I’m a simple villager”, “I think he’s telling the truth , before playing he said that it is his first game “.

Beware of the Wolf!

The exchange that involved us in person during our debut on the servers of  werewolves within ps4 perfectly sums up the dynamics of this game, in which all the players are called to sit on a series of stools arranged in a circle in the imaginary village from Gallowston.


At the beginning of the game everyone gets a role, according to which to set their behavior: in the case of the inhabitants it is to unmask werewolves, while for the latter the goal is to let the suspicions fall on someone else in order to get away with it win the game.

 werewolves within gameplay

Each game session takes place with a minimum of six and a maximum of eight players, and lasts only five minutes: the time to discuss all together about who is what, and then proceed with a voting phase at the end of which they are eliminated one or more elements of the group.


To complicate things a bit, the roles are not only clearly distinguished between werewolves and villagers, since it is possible to find different sub-categories among the latter.

Beware of the Wolf!

There is, for example, the Saint, a person who has the ability to establish exactly who is a werewolf, but be careful not to be eliminated because this would mean putting the victory in the hands of wolves. Or there is the Disturbato, subject a bit ‘mythomaniac whose purpose is to get voted on purpose, thus obtaining the elimination to be able to win the game in spite of all the others.


Then there are other figures with particular powers, who tell us for example from which side of the table there are werewolves, or what are the roles that are not part of the game in progress. Information to be shared with the same care with which it is used, because in such a situation there will surely be someone who lies to pull water to its mill.


Werewolves within vr is therefore a game of cat and mouse, in which dialectics is a central element and obliges the player to interact as directly as possible with all the others. In case the rules frighten you, do not worry: Werewolves Within presents a good series of video tutorials with which to deepen rules and roles, although we assure you that after two or three games you will have already entered the mechanism to release all the fun that this title has to offer.