Between life and death

Silence – The Whispered World 2 REVIEW


Attention anticipations: Speaking of Silence we will make some reference to the plot of the game and, above all, we will explicitly talk about that of The Whispered World, the previous chapter, including the final. If you do not want to have anticipations, do not continue reading.

Silence tells the story of Noah, the boy who in The Whispered World awakens at the end of the adventure after destroying the world of Silence in the role of the Sadwick clown, and his sister Renie, a young girl fascinated by the tales of that dream land ,


which exists only between life and death, in which the brother was imprisoned. At the beginning of the adventure the two are forced to burrow inside a bunker because of the bombings caused by a war of which we are told nothing.

Noah tries to cheer and distract the girl anyway, telling her the stories she loves, but when a bomb hits the bunker, the two find themselves dispersed and divided into the world of Silence. Here they meet an old friend:


Spot, Sadwick’s mutafy caterpillar companion, able to flatten and swell. Unfortunately it seems that something is wrong with Silence: a false queen has scattered across the kingdom of the dark creatures called seekers, who kill anyone who finds their way.


The only ones who oppose it are the members of the resistance, who want at all costs to put an end to their reign of terror. Will Noah and Renie manage to reach the throne room and destroy the mirror to return to reality, as Sadwick did in his time? Do not be fooled by the fact that we are talking about the sequel to silence the whispered world 2, because Silence is much closer to an adventure than Telltale than to his predecessor.


There is therefore no recallable inventory, although the characters can collect objects, and the solutions to the puzzles are all quite direct. In fact, just find the interactive points and click. Only in some situations is it required to solve puzzles that require a minimum of observation and use of intelligence.


However do not worry, because in case you can not overcome them you can skip them. The game system also offers a button that, when pressed, shows all the interactive points of a scenario and gives advice on what to do. In conclusion,getting stuck is really impossible, even when solving puzzles requires the use of Spot and its powers. Of course, there are sequences more difficult than others, but let’s talk about situations that a fan of graphic adventures can overcome in a few moments, as well as a non-passionate.

We have finally reviewed Silence, the sequel to The Whispered World: find out how it is

 silence the whispered world 2 gameplay


Silence is a fascinating world. He was in  the whispered world and even more so in his sequel , made of ancient palaces, of timeless ruins, of dark woods full of traps, of inaccessible peaks on which mythological creatures and many others live. dream places.

Between life and death
Spot returns
Between life and death
Some scenarios are simply wonderful

It is worth playing it just to admire the beauty of the settings, which upset the wealth of details. In particular, in the final part of the game there are some sequences that offer some of the most beautiful scenarios visited in recent video games. In short, Renie and Noah are catapulted into a wonderful world, made up of large spaces and fantastic creatures, in contrast with the brutal and deadly reality that is told in the introduction.


Not for nothing is the relationship between real and fantastic the central theme of the whole game, what will find its maximum expression in a tragic and inspired ending, which represents the pinnacle of the whole experience.


In terms of writing, the authors have focused in particular on the relationship between brother and sister, making it evolve in relation to the unveiling of the nature of the new Silence. Narratively, it is the fulcrum of the whole story, to which most of the other themes are sacrificed.


Fortunately it works and is very well managed in terms of writing, although there is some ingenuity in the texts that in some cases dampens a bit ‘atmosphere. The environments in which you play are small, often contained in a single screen.


The game world, however, is drawn in an excellent 3D, as shown by the numerous narrative sequences. Great above all from the stylistic point of view, characterized as it is by a Nordic fantasy taste that gives Silence a peculiar aspect. If we mix everything, adding also an excellent soundtrack that accompanies the actions of the characters without ever overtaking them, we get an exciting adventure, in which we become very attached to the main characters; adventure that never becomes sentimental or, worse, cloying.


This ability to keep writing on natural tones, despite the drama of what is told, is especially noticeable in the final, where it would have been easy to lose track and drown the plot in pathetic tones. Instead, in spite of a final telephonic twist, the story of Silence works and hits hard.