Here we go again on dota 2 free to play. After the scandals of the last months brought to light by Sportradar who has signaled two players for match fixing ( Leonid “Sonic” Kuzmenkov and Dmitri “Ax. Mo” Morozov , both in force to the DX Team ), the competitive dota 2 international sector of the popular MOBA brand Valve it ended up in the spotlight again due to some decidedly unclear events. We always talk about betting and matching , and in this case the characters involved seem to be well over two.

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In these days the X-bet betting operator announced the definitive cessation of the sponsorship agreement that bound him with a multi-year contract to the ProDotaCup , the largest professional circuit dedicated to the Valve title. This is due to ” bets, irregularities, collusion and several episodes of match fixing “. Russ Stevens, spokesman for X-bet, he noticed that the match fixing and collusion occurred between Sqreen’s Squad and Nemiga Gaming during the Preliminary Upper-Bracket of ProDotaCup Europe . As a result, the game was canceled.

The damage for the whole movement

Despite the cancellation, however, that was not the first game in which the operator noticed something strange. Stevens said: ”


The agreement between the teams because of course a financial loss to the operator, but the worst thing is that this behavior jeopardizes the relationship between the team and the fans . Not only that the damage affects the community as a In the last three months, we were surprised to see several bettors with a percentage of 100% on bets for the selected ProDotaCup matches, which led us to hypothesize the existence of a close-knit criminal association that gravitated around at the tournament.


X-bet had become the sponsor of ProDotaCup since June 1, 2017. During this period the betting operator noticed match fixing episodes in no less than three occasions, then reported to the tournament organizers. Peter Ivanov , head of the export industry for the betting operator UltraPlay (another tournament partner) also reported the episodes to his provider.

The manager stated that he had assessed the relative cases, deciding to stop the offer on this tournament to the network of their customers.


These are the words of the manager: ” We believe that these facts harm both financially and reputation all the organizations involved and, in addition, negatively affect the whole ecosystem of betting on export events.

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With our services we are covering a wide range of securities with their respective tournaments and, when these problems arise, we must move quickly together with all the parties involved, to eradicate these illicit practices and send a strong message to teams and players, stressing that we will no longer tolerate the occurrence of deplorable episodes of this tenor “.


Ultraplay, just as X-bet did, has also claimed to have brought out some cases of questionable practices within the same tournament in the past. So these phenomena could be far more frequent than we imagine. In light of such a scandal, both organizations have therefore decided to cease all relations with the ProDotaCup .

The regret of the Esport Integrity Coalition

Ian Smith , Commissioner of the Esports Integrity Coalition(abbreviated as ESIC, which we remember, is a British non-profit organization founded with the specific purpose of monitoring the correctness and integrity of e-sporting events), was informed of the case and he commented: “ESIC has been alerted to suspicious bets on UltraPlay games, with which we have recently started working. Subsequently, we received further reports from a large number of operators within our network. 


I have carefully examined all the evidence provided and concluded that the match between Sqreen’s Squad and Nemiga was agreed by the teams before taking the field. Unfortunately, we have not been able to contact the tournament organizer, who is not an ESIC member, but we would urge him to contact us to discuss how these threats to integrity can be resolved, before the ProDotaCup loses any credibility due to what is clearly happening in his tournaments.


There can only be zero tolerance for match-fixing. If you think about it, first of all the dota 2 players (the honest ones) will lose their whole career if the public understands that they can no longer trust what they are looking at and start to doubt that this is a competition with all the crismi of the case. At least I expect ProDota to be able to drive away all the players involved for a long time and transmit all the information possible to Valve, to ensure that these players do not show up in other tournaments and ruin those too