Bethesda invites Fallout 76 fans to test Wastelanders’ massive expansion

Company Bethesda announces plans for large-scale expansion testing Wastelanders for role play Fallout 76. It will take place on a closed server. The most active fans are encouraged leave applications for participation. Reception will last until January 15, and developers will begin to send invitations to the test on January 17.

Bethesda explained that at this stage, plans to invite several hundred people for testing.

“This means that not everyone who submits an application for participation will get to Wastelanders testing. Nevertheless, we want as many active and experienced fans of the game as possible to tell us about our desire to try the update,” the message said.

The developers hope that fans can help them avoid all sorts of errors in the extension on the release.

“Players invited by us will be able to log into the Wastelanders closed test server at any time after January 17 – except for cases when technical work will be carried out on the server. Later, the test server will be permanently disconnected. Based on your feedback and suggestions, we will decide what fixes and we’ll be able to implement the changes before the release of Wastelanders, and what will be in the next updates.

Testing will take place only on a PC.

Wastelanders supplement is very ambitious. It should add to the game NPC-people with a chain of plot tasks and the ability to make decisions that affect the further development of events.

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