accomplished people working in the studio Omega Force. Year after year, generation after generation, they produce almost identical at first glance fighters musou genre, which are alien to the experiments with the engine, or a statement of gameplay. And whether they are necessary?

Take the same Kojima. Man sawed five years the MGS, tried, and then have cut him from Konami. And rightly so – there was nothing to pull the rubber!

But in Omega Force personnel have no time for all sorts of nonsense. Because they do not just make games, and literally hrenachat them.

Without interruption and many pieces a year. After musou – the perfect fast food, bungled that can be of anything: Japanese history and will fit, and the Chinese, but you can do both, and the demons for a snack. And “Zelda” will go to the cause, and One Piece. And someday Omega Force, for sure, will make about musou amerinakskie elections.

But for now, the studio turned up under the arm “berserk”.

The original Berserk – manga spaces “dark swordsman” of the GATS, which draws almost thirty years (although recently been more appropriate to say “no paints”)

Kentaro Miura. It’s fantasy, like her hero, “dark”, and if we ignore the first volume, where the author has clearly not ripe, and the most recent, where the history, as it should be in any unfinished noticeably out of steam, it should be noted that to finish it will most likely only our descendants, and that is unlikely. In general, if all is to drop

“Berserker” – one of the best representatives of the genre. He is tough and naturalistic, but not at the expense of meaning, and to lead the story with dozens of characters the author manages not worse than almost frame by frame drawn bouts. There was a place and large-scale battles, and grotesquely ugly monster, but when you see how carefully polished almost every frame,

Once the song today is not about the manga.

The main advantage of Band of the Hawk – is the best game of “berserk” in the last thirteen years. Even if it is because the only thing – the fans of the original can not be choosers.

The more so because it is an adaptation game Omega Force has succeeded most of all – it covers the manga is almost entirely, behind only remaining childhood GATS, some of the most recent volumes and suffering arch

Lost Children, which here, as in the recent film adaptation, prefer lower – whether due to the fact that there are dozens of cuts hero turned into children demons, whether because of the events it is not critical to the story as a whole.

If “frame by frame” compared with its manga adaptation, it is clear that under the knife went to a bunch of characters not written in the format. For example, the head of the queen Midland, where the original has not been large-scale battles are omitted completely.

Cut, and most of the side-lines. And if you, for example, wanted to see the capital of the kingdom, the conversion of the invaders in the animated scenery of a horror movie, you’re out of luck.

But here with the history of the GATS, the developers have managed carefully, and all more or less important for its understanding of the game has a scene. The only question is – in what form?

Omega Force retells the “Berserker” cheap and cheerful all that is possible, rips the meat of a full-length film adaptation, sometimes shoving scenes from it in the middle of gameplay.

The rest – sometimes in the form of the attraction of unprecedented generosity – illustrates the rollers, but usually costs scenes on the engine, about which setting is enough to say that we are there, even sometimes coincides with the lip animation.

However, many of the key for the understanding of the plot and did things set out the text on the screen or download the mission handed down in the encyclopedia, abandoned by major mode so far that the average player at risk and do not guess about its existence.

In general, to get acquainted with the “berserk” in such a format, I would not recommend to anyone.

But the fans to refresh long-familiar scene, the game will fit even more than in memory.

Musou as a genre – it’s action packed “with beer,” to play “in the rasslabone”.

There is no need to make a few decisions for one second, and often does not need to think, and it can come after a hard day at the office (or better ottarabanil it at the factory) and destroy hostile crowds, but defenseless men, imagining that won the mini- boss, very original entitled

“Corps commander” – today scolded for being late chief. Well, or the next, not fulfilling your Multi wise instruction, the slave, if the boss – you.

Berserk itself in the genre it fits perfectly, because in the manga hero destroyed opponents in droves, even by the standards of musou hundred knights, the battle which once glorified GATS – the figure for children, and not without reason in the mission number of opponents increased by an order.

A silver achivy give even a hundred thousand murders.

Nevertheless, “the team Hawk” small floating even against other Musou, which is typical for the monotony of the genre still smoothed – side quests, successive characters unique to each weapon to open the best of which, some battles have rehearse almost second by second.

The Berserk as all major upgrades of the hero are issued strictly on the subject, and even appear next to the name of the job seems to be optional label as behelita (living stone, wish-fulfilling, but turning the owner into a demon – the so-called “apostle”) is often given simply for passing mission.

Well, or even sometimes for a quick passage of it. Interesting “optsionalka” here is rather an exception.

As for the characters, that in itself is quite good list of them.

In addition to the GATS itself with ever-growing as it passes and gvozdyaschim in all directions like a cudgel of people’s war with the sword, we have three of his colleague on the force ‘hawks’. Destroying bosses accurate attacks and calling itself the rescue entire waves of soldiers helmet.

Getting around on their own and are not amenable to calculation of reserves throwing knives mercenary Judo. And, of course, detachment commander – flitting across the battlefield and mow enemies like weeds, arch-enemy of the protagonist Griffith.

A little later, opened Zodd demon receiving from time to time its true face of a winged monster. And closer to the end will catch up with colleagues from the later volumes – a cold-blooded, which uses the element of air combat fencer Serpico and aspiring witch shirk.

Which has long harness, but if kastanet – even a built-in counter barely has time to count frags. His five minutes of fame and the Wilde received – brutish, even in human form apostle monkey, fighting with whom, as well as of the demon was excised from all film adaptations of his complete uselessness for the scene.

Strange, of course, that of the dozens of possible fighters developers prefer it Wilde.

But he is clearly happy about that and do not forget to have a good time to complete. Enjoy and Excite!