His first association that occurs before the start Beholder , immediately after reading its concept, is published three years ago,

Papers, Please. To draw a parallel between the simulator and the bureaucrat wants: and there, and there the hero is burdened family, members of which have their own need and have hurt property; in both cases he is obliged to report offenses, even if the person he is very cute, and often can try to find a workaround.

However, in terms of gameplay in common Papers, Please and recently released Barnaul creation studio is very small; I would say that if you do and should do in this case, the comparison, then it would be appropriate to recall This War of Mine, which Beholder even visually somewhat similar.

However, in the first case, we could see the “live” characters face, and in the case of the Beholder, we can be satisfied with only a very conventional black-and-white drawings.

But – to our happiness with you – the characters look quite emphatically that it was possible to make at least a general idea of ​​the nature and character preferences.

And appearing on them icons, symbolizing the different activities, from cooking to hassle, certainly make it clear what kind of person in front of us.

But to see these icons, if the character was locked in his apartment? And they not say about it more things lying in his closet or dresser?

As Karlu Shteynu, who had just entered the house manager 6 outside Kruszwica, the Ministry instructed to report any suspicious activity on the part of residents, not have to resort to the most honest methods.

The fate of Charles predecessor was very sad, so the hero will have to be extremely careful when performing any action – and this is not exaggeration.

If This War of Mine resource, without which it was impossible to manage, serve simple things like food or medicine, the Beholder everything is decided by money.

As planned by the government, the manager must spend on repair of apartments, where you can settle new residents and various public important needs like performing whims of the general, whose hands are stained with blood.

In fact, the family of Charles always something from him you need: the need to pay for utilities, the wife complains that her daughter even chocolates can not see the son wants to go to the theater with a pretty girl.

But all this trifling expenses, there are far more serious, with a lot of zeroes: for the treatment of pneumonia or daughter the opportunity to give his son to go to university.

That kind of money just do not earn, and spend it, Karl risks being arrested for embezzlement. And here we have to choose.

The only way to make money in the Beholder – is the fulfillment of tasks of the Ministry, which do not come too often, as well as preparation and performance reports to tenants.

Features – thing is pretty harmless, but pay for them sparingly: Ministry Of course, it is important to know that a citizen Ranek fond of fishing, but the benefits of this information is not enough.

Slightly better is the case with reports every day, without wasting time and effort, the government issues new laws prohibiting the storage of apples, then going to the bars.

The aim of Charles – produce evidence that the tenant is violating a recently released a ban on wearing the blue tie, and for this it is necessary to penetrate into the apartment of the suspect subject (of course, in the absence of the house). And there it is possible, and a pair of cameras to install, and rummage all the drawers and shelves.