Behind the scenes of The Witcher, actors and film crew share photos from the Netflix series

More than a week has passed since the streaming service. Netflix the series “The witcher“. A temporary embargo on the publication of photos containing spoilers was lifted, and the cast, together with the crew, was happy to finally share their experiences.

Team members are willing to post images of monsters and exciting battle scenes on social media. You can personally look behind the scenes of The Witcher by viewing a few frames from the filming of the first season of the series.

Joey Beti (Buttercup):

Natasha Kulzach (Toruviel):

John Cummins (inhospitable resident Blaviken):

Andrey Kurganov:

Bogdan Yanku:

Alexandra Syuch:

Tristan Ruggeri and Anya Chalotra:

Henry Cavill with an understudy:

The boundaries of the mind:

Why everybody hates portals:




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