Battlefield 1

Campaign Battlefield 1 starts very powerful. In terms of artistic value plot of the game is unique in the strength of its impact and the transfer of the central idea. What can we say, nothing illustrates the idea of futility, the insignificance of the individual soldier life as training in which you want to die over and over again.

You get into a hot spot in the style of the best times of Call of Duty under the commander screams going to heroically resist the endless enemy pressure. Only here the hero for a minute burns in the flame jet of flame thrower. Camera “dwell” in the head of another warrior, this time sitting in the tank. But his story is over before it started.

So tie Battlefield 1It leads to the idea that the campaign will play out is not typical for the genre of the spirit. Her landmark – the individual stories of ordinary people caught in unusual conditions. You deprive yourself of the prism superhero, which is great.

The plot consists of only six miniature stories that tell of the various participants in the war. In each of them from one to four missions.

They are not linked by a storyline, but not written in one space-time frame. Storming the shores of Gallipoli, the battle in the Italian Alps, the Bedouin revolt against the Ottoman Empire – the head quite unique in its setting. They can even find some pedagogical value – admit, not every one of us familiar with the recent events of the First World.

Of course, the “single” does not differ epic and dazzling entertainment CoD. However, each color has its mission. For example, the task “Nothing is predestined” – a sort of variation on the Metal Gear the Solid the V .

Before us is a huge area, set goals, saber in hand, but the horse – then do whatever you want: you can do a meticulous stealth, quietly carving out enemies and distracting them, and you can try to use the enemy’s arsenal and get a couple of minutes.

But the campaign for the pilot Clyde Blackburn is quite different – it is necessary to feel the moral issues of the war, served here in the spirit of the film “Life of Pi”.

Yes, the “single” does not offer any unexpected decisions, and artificial intelligence once again can not be compared with the log. But the developers have managed to make a living and vibrant campaign, which you can give a couple of evenings.

Battlefield 1 game review

One would like to imagine the fall on the head of the Iron Man of some assassin.


To horse!

All the traditional features of multiplayer battles in Battlefield 1 saved. Wide scope, the variability of action, tactical depth – impressions of the new creation DICE no less bright than other parts of the series.

At first glance, everything as before: the commanders put local problems, doctors revived his comrades-in-arms, snipers take high-altitude locations, attack heroically at the forefront.

The success depends on the ability of the team to work cohesively, and from individual players abilities. However, the setting of World War I, as ugly on the technical field, to become shooter fans a real revelation.

The secret is simple: developers do not try to recreate the exact characteristics of technology early XX century. Local aircraft famously fly, and any tank Mark V easy maneuvering on city streets. “Casual” imitation made dynamic gameplay – Battlefield 1 to get the same fun as its predecessor.

Nevertheless, the setting is perceived quite differently. First of all – on the visual level: in the sky soar antediluvian aircraft, on the ground rumble field guns, the soldiers cut each other with shovels – all this looks even more bizarre and quizzically than futuristic fantasy latest development the CoD .

And let the real people fought not so – it was much slower and more prosaic. but DICE masterfully presented today to the public the actual fighting with her request – in the battle plunge headlong.