Battlefield 1: Incursions, Revolution and In the name of the Tsar

After two days at the show, it was clear how to believe in the Gamescom “for the press” remained only the European realities and, among the big publishers, EA. Just a simple look at the size of the booth, or the “conferences” that have been in these days to convince you of that. In particular, it was encouraging the attention the American company decided to bring to the German fair a variety of updates that could satisfy every palate, from that of the shooter, to the immortal and ingenious romantic player of the sims.
For a moment, forgetting the events that led to the EA show, an adorable puppy, we take the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the Dice shooter, Battlefield 1 , to analyze the news that will accompany the title from here until next year: Incursions, In the Name of the Tsar and Revolution.

That the fashion of the competitor had spread to oil slick across the field is something we can only see: there is currently no multiplayer that does not play championships, tournaments or other elements that somehow have to do with the competition . Constant training for the primacy is a good thing both for players who find it a source of satisfaction and for publishers who build on it a solid and affectionate community willing to support them continuously over time.

Battlefield was one of the few series that, despite the intrinsically conflicting nature of play, had not yet officially structured a way that could represent that vein of challenge that millions of players in the series sought. Until then, the title eSport face had developed through the tools offered by the game, but they only agreed this approach indirectly, through the efforts of the community. Here, then, Incursions comes to fill one of the most important gaps in Battlefield 1 , in view of a support that will not surely bring new news and surprises this fall.
The mode develops in a frantic 5vs5, in specially structured maps, and enriched by the presence of roles and vehicles. Both elements are generated by the need to isolate the content immensity of the original title, to settle balance and balance in the modes bases: two priceless values ​​to make the competition that comes from engaging, fair and healthy.

The team consists of a leader, a physician and three standard soldiers, and once the choice is made, action is taken. Of course this is just a taste and we expect to have the public alpha in hand, which will be available in September, to make more concrete conclusions.
Battlefield 1: Incursions, Revolution and In the name of the Tsar
In the Name of the Tsar

This will be the name of the next DLC game, which is also coming in September, which will lead us to the trenches of the Eastern Front of the Great War. The maps that will be available TSARITSYN, the one shown during the conference and will be included in the package, has already been released for all those who own the game premium pack. The size of it is quite small, and on one side there is a large cathedral overhanging the square in front of which the buildings begin.
The checkpoints are 3 and, while two are easily captured, the last one is home to the violent guerrillas that will arise between the walls of the religious building, resulting in the fulcrum of the whole controversy. The premise therefore convinced us,
Battlefield 1: Incursions, Revolution and In the name of the Tsar
Finally, we get to the latest news about the title, Revolution, which is in all probability the “Game of the Year Edition” of the package. It includes all the DLC, released and scheduled, for a tremendous amount of content that wants to push Battlefield 1 to dominate sales charts even in this fall 2017 season.
The tendency to support this commitment to the titles can not be said to have repayed the more constant developers, as in the case of Rainbow Six Siege, so we feel that we approve this choice in order to cover all the imperfections and make final ‘gaming experience. Lastly, the suggested retail price is 60.00 € and is already available on the market.