They have also been able to gather a series of elements missed by players in recent times and that seemed lost among current market trends. As we said, 25 characters on the campus, but five more will be given in the coming months. To complete the


initials, you will have to unlock them by playing games, lengthening their useful life by trying to unlock the cont


ent based on victories in the multi and pass screens in the campaign. Do you want to learn to play? Do not hesitate to throw yourself into the competitive battlefield with bots. Do you have a second command? Great! Play a split screen with a colleague.


Interesting the bots , by the way: the creative director of the videogame, Randy Varnell, confirmed to 3DJuegos that Gearbox had i


nvested in a technology that helped the bots to learn from the game tendencies that are seen in the multiplayer. Put another way: a kind of Drivatars by Forza Motorsport but in the shooter version. You will not need much time at the control


s to understand that each of the heroes is in itself a protagonist for Battleborn, and that in its unique characteristics of each of them leads the player to specialize in different fields and options.



The ones we liked the most are El Dragón , Caldarius and Montana. The first is a wrestling wrestler who bases his strength on violent melee attacks and different wrestling movements; Caldarius is an armored monster jennerit agile and with great capabilities at


a distance; Montana is a giant of great defensive skills, a tank armed with a multichannel machine gun with a brutal rate of fire. The only thing that the three and the remaining 22 share are their obvious inspirations in the genre of the MOBA and two of the main bases of them: always start at level 0 and limiting their powers temporarily.


Battleborn analysis

A campaign to keep in mind

Battleborn is composed of a campaign mode of more than nine chapters of between 35 and 50 minutes each, which can be played alone or in company. In addition, it has three multiplayer game modes with two independent maps each: Fusion (which consists of leading minions to a specific point on the map while preventing the opponent from doing the same), C

apture (a sort of king of the hill typical of shooter with several zones to capture) and Raid, Crown jewel. Gearbox has confessed to us on numerous occa
sions that the last of the competitive modes is the reason for the existence of the work. It is based on conventional MOBAs and leads the user to eliminate the rival base in a symmetrical map aided by minions, traps and strong mercenaries.


Battleborn PC

Find the weak points of the enemy to turn each of our impacts into critical damage.

The association of the word MOBA with a traditional video game has been able to confuse many users and media. It has been misinterpreted in every way that Incursion is the most important product and it has come to be assumed that the other modes, in


cluding the campaign, are nothing more than squires of Raid. Spoiler : you can not be more wrong than with that statement. The campaign itself is a reason to buy for any user who loves the genre and the Gearbox brand. Motives? There is a lot


of work in each of the chapters and its development is very intelligent, in addition to offering a lot of different challenges if we face them with difficulties higher than normal.


You will not need much time at the controls to understand that each of the heroes is in itself a protagonist


Rendain, a peculiar enemy with some memorable phrases. Its objective? The purest chaos.

We should mention pleasantly in this analysis of Battleborn, which has rescued the concept of lives in a very successful way: a contain


er of opportunities in which the five players share them. If one dies, one loses a life of the total, so a bad spell or a dismissal before a final boss of those involved can leave the empty counter in a few seconds and take you to the home screen without th


e possibility of continuing. In short, the lives of always, as strict as you remembered them. You can find them scattered around the stage, but they do not abound and each encounter with one of them is celebrated in some of the most dangerous places in the universe of Battleborn.


Battleborn PC

Ending enemies will award experience points . You can spend in the Helix , a multi-purpose level rise system that allows the user to choose between two different options for each new level achieved. The construction of the protagonist, theref


ore, is in the hands of the player, who can accommodate their abilities according to the needs of the screen that is being played. The system is suitable for the frenzied circumstances of some races, and although the Battleborn action is not paused while we consult the Helix, playing alone will have some extra time.


The games of a player are, without doubt, one of the most important defects of the game. It is very difficult to play at normal level against hordes of enemies with characters specialized in remote attacks, whether magic or firearms; It is virtually impossible to


pass some levels with melee protagonists. Solution? Play in easy, although the optimal one is, of course, to have companions with whom to enjoy the game, either in the remoteness of the Internet or in the vicinity of the command and the split s


creen. The level is regulated according to the people who play, although there are some levels that are so difficult that it does not even seem like it.