Batman: Arkham Knight

This inner readiness to say goodbye to the character with which developers spent six years, declared literally in every scene.

The first time you see a confused Batman, who understands that choosing between two evils, he would still come to disaster.

The first time you will see a broken Batman, when grief fills all the space game. You first see the false Batman to save Gotham ready to betray. Perhaps the first time you will see a live Batman, not heroic doll that could do only two things – pushing pathos of speech and send to jail one villain after another.

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And it is not that the writers wanted to “revive” the hero. Exactly the opposite: they are so fixated on the “sanctity” of the character was cut from it a piece of a living emotion after another, that at some point before us is a real monster. Sometimes I was just disgusting to look at this man and hear what he says.

I wanted to shout: “Wait, but that’s not Batman, how is it!” But towards the end of the puzzle formed, the whole picture is opened in front of me the whole – and I just sat there slack-jawed, amazed at how smart the writers put together all the elements together as they skillfully manipulated my feelings and emotions. But it was in the final, we are once again back to Gotham.

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They communicate with each other, trying to avoid capture “one by one”. When the situation becomes critical, just bunch up and comb one behind another angle;

“Burned” hidden manholes Batman; scatter the ledges charges, exploding upon contact with a person than limit the maneuverability of the hero; turrets are arranged responsive to the movement. Behavior that we have seen in the past, however, when battles with serious opponents. Now it is the norm for most missions.

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At the same time familiar from previous installments “patsanchiki” have not gone away – they still roam the streets in search of suckers left in the city after the announced evacuation.

But when confronted with them, and then, as a rule, while driving a Batmobile. Just go, bring them down, beat shock or “neytralizuesh” from the gun. No threat they pose – so municipal waste, could not compete with well-trained army Arkham Knight.

The conflict reached a new level: through the streets drive tanks, the sky is controlled drones. Around broken roadblocks installed on buildings, automatic turrets, opening fire on anyone who is in their range.

Batmobile is probably the most controversial innovation game. And not because I have to it have any claims (on the contrary, I consider it ideal, even though it behaves on the road as a poorly managed trough).

But developers are not just fit it into Arkham Knight structure as one of the options, and built around it a significant part of the game. Gotham drones patrolling squads run by people Arkham Knight. Confronted with them, you translate the Batmobile in the battle mode (it turns into a kind of self-propelled combat vehicle) and eliminate the threat. In fact, the drones have replaced the usual opponents, with whom we used to occasionally encountered on the streets.

But the developers have gone further and have added a whole group of minor tasks, which can only go behind the wheel Batmobile.

This clearance and city streets, and hunting captains, moving fast BTR-ah, and the pursuit of pyromaniac, fire igniting portions of Gotham, and puzzle-solving Riddler – in general, a significant part of the secondary missions are built on using the Batmobile. And in the course of the main story campaign you over and over again will be forced to use it.