Barrel in 4K at 60 FPS

 For Honor review

The clash of the battle still echoes in our ears as we are going to write this review. The sharp sounds of the swords that clash with each other, the typical noise of a slash scored that tears stuff and flesh and the images of decapitation and disembowelings are all elements still alive in our memories.


The Ubisoft title, as you have already read in our previous article dedicated to the console version , has impressed us positively in many respects and today we return to talk about it thanks to the analysis of the PC edition. Ubisoft, let’s say it right away, has done a great job this time presenting an extremely scalable title , with some peculiarities that are able to pride themselves on the master race users.

In 4K and at 60 frames per second, For Honor ubisoft is truly magnificent, both to watch and to play





As we have already explained in our previous article, the for honor xbox one control system is the backbone of the entire production. During our test with the PlayStation 4 version, the movements performed thanks to the analog sticks of the DualShock 4 seemed extremely fluid, making it clear that the entire game structure had been designed with the pad in mind.


The automatic hooking on the triggers, the few commands that handle all the attack and defense function and even the movements were not easy to replicate on the PC but the mouse and the keyboard turned out to be excellent tools to be able to have fun in an optimal way.

Barrel in 4K at 60 FPS

The three directions for attacks and parries (from right, left and top) are now completely managed by the movement of the wrist which, almost naturally, simulates the movement of the sword hilt.

All  for honor characters  are very different from each other, and if for understanding the mechanic of the first vanguard of the avant-garde will need to spend a couple of fights, spying on the list of receptions, then sharpen to perfection the reflection technique of the samurai orota, believe me, it will take a very long time.

While playing we found ourselves several times to identify ourselves with the movements of our alter ego on the screen for an instant and smooth response.


It makes a little ‘more effort with the characters particularly slow and massive but nothing that with a little’ practice can not easily overcome. Coming from a few days intense use of the pad the first impact was still quite traumatic. The dead zones of the controller are much wider than those practically non-existent of the mouse, substantially changing the timing of attacks and countermoves.

Barrel in 4K at 60 FPS

In order to balance a possible problem, it is however possible to completely reset each individual key, and also to adjust the sensitivity of the camera and the guard mode. The gaming experience comes out so extremely enjoyable and nothing prevents you from attacking a pad and simplifying your life in this way.


Even on PC, unfortunately, the biggest problem remains the Peer to Peer servers that are causing several problems of disconnection and migration of hosts to some players.It remains an important detail to report, as we want to emphasize that in all our hours of play we have basically never had any kind of problem in the vast majority of games.Let’s talk about something like 1% of influence, both with the open NAT of the consoles and with the moderated one on our PC.


Problems always related to a migration of hosts and never to disconnections or lag. Ubisoft has ensured that the host function of the games will not have any significant advantages in terms of response time during the match compared to guests and, as seen and proven, we can feel comfortable in confirming this theory at the moment.


The war of factions follows the same course being cross platform but we can not highlight a community significantly higher on PlayStation 4 than seen on PC. We tried to access different times these days and the percentages are quite dramatic.



 For Honor release
Developer Flag of Canada Ubisoft Montreal
Flag of Germany Ubisoft Blue Byte (PC)
Publisher The whole world Ubisoft
Release date February 14, 2017
Genre Hack and slash
Platforms Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Game engine AnvilNext 2.0
Game Modes single-user , multi-user