Avengers star forced to uncover reasons for killing mother with knife

Reveals the reasons for the knife killing of his own mother with an American star of a popular action movie Marvel about one of the Avengers team’s main superheroes.

Actress Mollie Fitzgerald (Mollie Fitzgerald), known to fans of “Avengers: Final” and the Marvel cinematic film “First Avenger”, explained the murder of her mother, reports Gamebomb.ru. In a written statement, she stated that she had done for her own safety. The actress claims that her mother attacked her with a knife. Fitzgerald grabbed the kitchen nozzle, hit her mother, and stole the knife from her. The girl claims that her mother would not give up trying to kill her, so she herself had to stab with a knife. After that, she allegedly called the police herself and reported the murder.

Fans of the action movie “Avengers: Final” follow the progress of the case. Forensic experts examined the body of mother Molly Fitzgerald and performed an autopsy, Gamebomb.ru reports. In addition to stab wounds, they found traces of strangulation and other minor injuries that indicate attempts to defend themselves. Small cuts were also found in the actress herself. Experts did not find evidence that during the brawl, Molly’s mother held a knife in her hands. In addition, the father of the actress claims that in recent days his daughter has become increasingly aggressive.

Molly Fitzgerald killed her mother on December 20 in Olite, Kansas. The police arrived at her home after a witness called about the use of weapons. On the spot, Molly was found with a knife in her hand near the body of the murdered mother. The actress was charged with manslaughter.

Actress Molly Fitzgerald has worked in the film industry in various fields. She managed to mark as a screenwriter, producer, editor and director in several Hollywood films. She played one of the girls of Howard Stark, Tony’s father, in the movie “First Avenger.” In the blockbuster “Avengers: Final”, her character did not appear, as the events of this picture develop after decades.