Avengers star arrested for killing mother with knife

American star from the famous superhero blockbuster “First Avenger” from Marvel the servants of the law seized because of the murder of her mother.

The Hollywood actress, director, screenwriter, editor and producer Mollie Fitzgerald (Mollie Fitzgerald), known for his role in the action movie “First Avenger”, was arrested by American police, according to Gamebomb.ru. Although she did not appear in the blockbuster Avengers: Final, the case received publicity. This became known only now, although it happened on December 20 in the city of Olite, Kansas. Police were called by witnesses who were alarmed by the guns. Law enforcement officers on the spot found Molly Fitzgerald with a knife in his hand and several minor injuries. She was sent to the hospital. However, the police soon found the corpse of her 68-year-old mother with a knife wound, so the actress was detained.

While Molly Fitzgerald is accused of the unintentional murder of his mother, Gamebomb.ru reports. Fans of the action movie “Avengers: Final” closely monitor the actions of law enforcement. The investigation is still ongoing, so the police did not disclose any details. For Molly, a bail of $ 500 thousand was assigned, but she did not find such funds. It is not known how the investigation will end.

Molly Fitzgerald actively worked on various Hollywood projects in various positions. Fans of the Marvel cinema universe most of all remembered her as one of the girls of Howard Stark, the father of Iron Man (Tony Stark) in the movie “First Avenger”. The events of the action movie develop several decades before Avengers: Final, because her character did not appear in the successful completion of the global story with Thanos.