Avengers left unprotected: Square Enix removes Denuvo from Marvel’s Avengers

Publisher Square enix and developers from Eidos montreal released a new patch for Marvel’s avengersthat removed anti-piracy protection from the PC version DenuvoThanks to this, the startup is faster than before.

The update also introduces new multiplayer mission chains and fragment extractors. The complete changelog can be found here. The update weighs 1.8 GB

The project was released on September 4, 2022 and was hacked by a group of hackers a month and a half after that. Square Enix has similarly removed Denuvo from a number of its other games, including Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Octopath Traveler, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Trials of Mana.

It is already known that the upcoming Guardians of the galaxy will also be protected by Denuvo, but, apparently, not for long.

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