Authors Siegecraft and Gunscape will make Valiant superhero games – review

Company Valiant entertainment concluded a cooperation agreement with an independent studio Blowfishwho released the action movie Gunscape and strategy Siegecraft. Its result should be games with popular characters. superhero universe Valiant comics.

This is not Valiant’s first attempt to enter the gaming market. In the 1990s, the company bought Acclaim entertainmentmade several games, in particular Turok, and went bankrupt in 2004. And in 2015, Valiant announced a partnership agreement with Sony pictures. The film company will release five films based on comics Bloodshot and Harbinger.

The first of the films is on its way. Director Dave Wilson gave the role of the protagonist of Bloodshot to Vin Diesel, although at first she was predicted by Jared Leto. Besides him in “Blobshot“Starred Sam Hyuen, Guy Pearce, Lamorn Morris and others. The film will be released on February 21, 2023.

A sequel has already been planned for the story of Blodshot, in addition to this, two films based on the comic books are waiting for usPrecursor“. And the ending will be a crossover of both stories called “Harbinger Wars“. There is also talk of a film featuring the superheroine Marshmallow, and “Quantum and Woody»Will turn into a television series with the Russo brothers as producers.

It is still unknown what heroes the games will be dedicated to, because Valiant has the third largest superhero universe after Marvel and DC. But the head of the Blowfish publishing department, in addition to Bloodshot, mentioned Ninjak and X-O Manowar.