Atlus continues to work on Shin Megami Tensei V and Project Re Fantasy – review

In the latest issue of the magazine Weekly famitsu fifty Japanese companies published your new year cards. And with their help, they not only congratulated all fans of Japanese games, but also announced the important results of 2019 and reported that they were preparing for 2023.
Atlus assured that she is working hard Shin Megami Tensei V and Project re fantasy. This is one of the few mentions of SMT V after game announcement in 2017. As for the new Katsura Hashino project, a year ago a game designer reportedthat the game is ready “half”.
Spike chunsoft and studio Too Kyo Games getting ready to celebrate a decade of the game series Danganronpa. This cooperation is understandable, because one of the co-founders of Too Kyo Games has become creator of Danganronpa Kazutaka Kodak.

Otomate, Furyu and Koei tecmo They wrote that they were working on new games, but did not say which ones. In the coming year we are waiting for a series of announcements.

Idea factory and Compile heart boasted great role-playing adventure sales Azur Lane: Crosswave at home and promised that in the new year, players are preparing surprises. In particular, western release games.

Gungho online entertainment going to release in 2023 Ninjala, a Cyberconnect2 planned for the beginning of 2023 release Fuga: Melodies of Steel.

Publishing house D3 Publisher soon will release story adventure Gleamlight. And in the near future, the company wants to experiment with genres so that players are surprised.

Nippon Ichi Software plans to create a line of original and unique games, but this will happen only in 2023 and beyond.

Studio 8-4 reminded that in 2019 released in the West Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and SaGa: Scarlet Grace. A Warner bros Interactive Entertainment not so long ago announced Back 4 blood.