At first Gearbox wanted to make Handsome Jack the main villain of Borderlands 3 – review

Gearbox for Borderlands 3 created a couple of new villains however initially the developers wanted to return Handsome Jack again.

This was told by the creative director of the studio Randy Varnell. According to him, the shooter team did not believe that they could surpass themselves by inventing an antagonist better than Handsome Jack, therefore, in the early stages of writing the script, Gearbox wanted to use this character again.

At the same time, Jack was not only the main villain Borderlands 2but in various forms appeared in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (playable character) and Tales from the borderlands (companion Reese). In general, he almost did not disappear from the screens.

As a result, at the initial stages of production of Borderlands 3, when Jack was still to return to the atrocities, Gearbox employees watched some video on YouTube, where the blogger put together seven things that fans would not want to see in the third part of the project.

In second or first place, as Wornell recalls, Handsome Jack was.

And we listened. Okay, maybe it’s time to leave Handsome Jack alone. But after that there is an obligation to make a new very cool villain.

Randy Warnell

It is worth noting that the video with the presentation of Varnell, where he talked about Handsome Jack, appeared in late August, but the media drew attention to him only the other day.