Assassins make their way to Lost Ark with a new update

Team of the Russian version Lost ark announced the imminent launch of a large-scale update that will add the Assassin archetype with two classes to the fantasy multiplayer role-playing game, new raids on the Guardians and much more.

Assassin is a new female archetype that includes two classes:

  • Blade of death – One of the most mobile and fast melee classes. The character owns several types of weapons at once – twin blades and a long sword, and is also able to enter a combat trance, thereby increasing the speed and strength of the attack.
  • Fury – Cleverly wielding a two-blade dagger, the Khaladi, inflicting powerful blows on a stunned enemy. Having accumulated the energy of chaos, it is able to take on a demonic form, which opens up access to new abilities.

Assassins are representatives of the Darren race. This people lives in the gloomy lands of Feighton, where the prologue of the new archetype begins.

Experienced heroes with equipment ratings of 800 g or more will test themselves in the new Abyss Raid on the Mystic Guardian, in which up to 8 people can take part. For passing a difficult test, users will be able to get new equipment of Legendary quality. Moreover, the seventh page of the Guardians, 5 new islands and many other innovations will appear in the game.

New update will be installed on Lost Ark servers June 10th.

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