Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Over some time, Rogue even managed not to fall into the pre-set traps me. Largely thanks to the protagonist – Sheyu Patrick Cormac – folding and stories.

Surprisingly, it is in this, it would seem, the entrance of the series the writers were able to create the most multi-faceted and somewhat unique central character. Cormac – the first assassin who has learned to ask awkward questions “senior” members of the Brotherhood.

An example from the beginning of the game: you have to kill the brother of one of the most famous US presidents (do without spoilers, right?). Shay gets to the target, and sees an old sick man, who is about to throw the skates without the help of the Assassins.

But orders are orders. Shay neutralize the target, and then They reflect on the theme: “What is justice?” And with each such task realizes that his notions of good and evil, strongly disagree with centralized views of the “party”. And he is not afraid to talk about it openly.

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But as you know, all our troubles on the knowledge. Assassins in the mad pursuit of ancient manuscripts that can shed light on many of the events of the past and help us to understand the future, do not stop at nothing. It is necessary to kill thousands of people?

Yes, it is unpleasant, but after all for some greater purpose, no attendant here are not afraid of sacrifice. Right – video, internet leafless, and the brightest stage of the game (look at your own risk). Cormac is carried by the crumbling city.

Circle – fire, people screaming, crying children. It is selected from this meat grinder, but at that moment their paths diverge with the Brotherhood. Unexpectedly Shay converted into Templar. At this point, the trap closed on the leg developer.

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Everything that follows after this scene – secondary, many times he had seen action in three acts. And it all begins with deception. I think you remember about the main feature of the game – the hunt for the assassins.

From video to employees Ubisoft told with some harsh, is not typical for a series of clever enemies we face. The system works as follows: as soon as somewhere near the assassin turned out, the picture is slightly yellow,

Cormac heard unintelligible whisper. Includes local scanner (eagle’s eyes) and study area. bottom of the screen there is an indicator, which eventually leads to the bated enemy.

And then – a matter of technique: either just come closer, the enemy strikes at the hero, and we kill him with one blow, or trying to come up with something of such things. But the first option, and easier and faster.

Unfortunately, all this is more reminiscent of a children’s fun under the name of hide and seek. Assassins are sitting in the bushes, you smoke your and neutralize them. During the passage of the game I was caught off guard by the strength of five or six times.

And then, it is rather explained my reluctance for the umpteenth time to include an eagle’s vision and try to search out the next in a haystack “deadly enemy”. Yes, just one stroke assassin nearly kills Cormac. But the key word here – “almost”.

Finish the job they had never succeeded. And colorful chasing scoundrels were fiction. More precisely, you can give for the sake of fun off the assassin, and then with a cry of “Ata!” Chase him, but much easier and more logical to kill with one touch.

But silent “rifle”, which few people pay attention, suddenly was the most successful discovery developers. Her appearance has completely changed the strategy of the fight (although we waited, of course, somewhat different). Suppose the gate stands an armed group, to bypass that is unlikely to succeed.

From the bushes shoot at one of the enemy dart-berserker and see how it starts to go scrip and attack of their own.

Noise, noise, shooting – Cormac, meanwhile, sneaks past. Unnoticed. This method can even be used to perform the scene assignments. If you need to kill someone, why get your hands dirty? Enough “throw” a poisoned dart at guards, and so it will deal with the assassin