Assassin’s Creed Origins, we analyze the performance on Xbox One X

Wonders of Egypt
We have already told you how Origins of Egypt is a wonder for the eyes: in our reviewwe explain how the purely visual experience proposed by this new Assassin’s Creed is simply commendable. Waiting to discover the title performance even on “humane” consoles, it was necessary to analyze what was seen on the Xbox One X.
First of all, a couple of premise: our office was not equipped (unknowingly) with a 4K screen; the Origins versionwhich we had available was devoid of day one patch, which did not allow us therefore to admire the WDR wonders. Despite this, our eyes were able to admire a very valuable technical work: the dynamic resolution studied by Ubisoft Montreal renders the textures at a resolution below 4K, then extends them to the required level, thus achieving the level of detail so much required by players.
The result is undoubtedly worthy of note: riding in the desert dunes, exploring the cities, climbing the highest peaks to admire the landscape will be activities that will steal you a lot, a long time. The power of Xbox One Xgives the game incredible details and nuances of shadows and lights that we doubt can be reposted on other consoles as well.
The 30 frames per second certainly contribute to a compromise in terms of goals to be achieved, giving the environment a look of impact, aided by impeccable art design. At the level of fluidity there are some small and sluggish drops, of course in the most excited moments: but all in all we are not stumbled upon major problems or episodes worthy to remember. To give up on 60fps on the one hand was a shame, on the other hand it allowed the title to have a much more compelling aesthetics.
Assassin's Creed Origins, we analyze the performance on Xbox One X
Of course, not everything is perfect: narrow shots emphasize more than a few imperfections in terms of textural cleansing and imprecise facial animations. It is clear that the goal was to give the game world a unique, credible, and vivid vitality and vitality.
Strolling through multiple cities will give you incredibly positive feedback, the merit of an engine that moves many things, animating landscapes and populations. There is some uncertainty in the pop-in, especially for those small elements that create the Egyptian flora, mainly formed by bushes, pits and sometimes trees. The photomode will then allow you to immortalize the views that will capture your heart most, and we assure you that the choice is wide.