Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Jurassic World Evolution, Cuphead

The fact that few people decided to come to the exhibition gamescom 2017 to the present scale, it was known in advance. That Microsoft held their show in the format of an online broadcast, besides making of it almost a “tube” gatherings with conversations on the couch and invited “stars”. And everything is good, but felt that the company did not want to try.
And it’s depressing.

Recording Microsoft conference held as part of gamescom 2017 with comments gambling.

ode to boredom

Nothing but new “wrappers” for consoles, the creators of the Xbox show, this time they could not.
If you thought that the E3 Microsoft Press Conference was boring, but this time you are waiting for an even greater disappointment. Leading developers invited to the studio one by one and enthusiastically talked about the projects. But neither of interesting questions, nor entertaining details, nor any high-profile news sounded. And sometimes it even seemed that the representatives of companies are struggling playing for time and do not even believe in what they say.

Trailer of Assassin’s Creed , as always, came out beautiful. But only just.
The first thing Microsoft rolled out a “heavy” artillery: showed CGI-Trailer of Assassin’s Creed: Origins . In the clip, and walked by type Egypt, the pyramids, and different traditions of this legendary country. Even Cleopatra showed. True, the statement did not surprise: a song from the video put on repeat, not all, but the main character acting is not that ingenious – it had not had enough time and gadgets. Following the demonstration I came to the studio game developer, but he forced himself only what is most rasprekrasnoy external version will, of course, an option for the Xbox the One the X .

Indy – as always, is a separate issue to Microsoft.
Behind it is the turn of the old E3 trailer PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds . Games, of course, good, but a thousand times shown. The main ideologist of the project once again asked to tell about how he began his journey.
In the same vein, we held almost all of the rest of the conversation and shows movies.

However, nothing new

Jurassic World Evolution will be released next summer.
For example, Jurassic World Evolution  – albeit with mind and entertaining strategy, but still far from what would be desirable from such a large franchise. And by “the most powerful console in the world”, as described by Xbox One X itself the Microsoft, waiting for more. Although the opportunity to develop the park and take care of the dinosaurs tempted. And the developers of Frontier Developments trustworthy, because the game involved people who have made Elite: the Dangerous .

Surviving Mars is of interest, though, of course, Xbox One X with its 4K gaming it will not sell.
By the way, it is not the only show the economic strategy. There was a place here, and Surviving the Mars – the game about the conquest of the Red Planet. In some places it is, however, looked very so-so, but the idea is interesting: to fulfill the dream Elon Musk would be at least entertaining.

Although its charms in ReCore were still rejoice announcement Definitive Edition hard. And the picture in the video clumsy. But in 4Q.
Announcement reissue ReCore  too, it is unlikely that anyone has caused particular emotions (especially since the news leaked earlier). Yes, the game is not without its soul, but a huge number of geymdizaynerskih error at the time it just ruined. And the new edition is hardly something to fix. But among the promises – and a new portion of the adventures in the set, and, of course, support for 4K. Where do without him. Those who are on the project was delighted to like.

Trailer Shadow of War did not save the situation.
Was still Trailer Forza Motorsport 7  (by the way, the old, from E3). And the little State of Decay 2 . Of course, no new details. And the Sea of Thieves , where developers have also decided not to surprise. And it is a standard roller Middle-earth: Shadow of War . And at some point, all finished off (in a bad way) trailer World of Tanks , which will now be able to play in 4K and with some semblance of a plot. You’re dreaming that’s about it, right?

World Premieres

Slightly gloomy picture diluted zasmotrenny up holes, but still stunningly beautiful Cuphead . On it was possible to learn a few interesting things: for example, that art was almost entirely painted by hand paints. And for the soundtrack recorded already three o’clock jazz.
The terms “4K” and “the most powerful console in the world” in general sounded unnecessarily often. At Microsoft, apparently, very fond of high-sounding phrases and figures: they are everywhere mold phrase «World Premiere», bragging about the number of projects with 4K and without, his six teraflops and, of course, the fact that the One X – the most-most. Except that no one truly beautiful game, capable of justifying the application, still did not show.

The main charm of the new, limited, edition Xbox One X in the inscription Project Scorpio on board.
But once again demonstrated that it is possible to paint gamepads to your taste and color (the idea, by the way, excellent). And yet – that will be released a limited edition of the new console (the one that the X the One), by Project Edition by Scorpio . The name «Project Scorpio» as someone liked that the company decided to release a set-top box to another box and with a unique design. The idea is actually quite good, but we would have preferred more games.

A new edition of the Xbox the One the S . For those of you, “who like dirt” . Given the huge fanbase project, this version of the console is likely to be insanely popular.
Fans Minecraft  certainly appreciate Xbox One S in the colors of their favorite games with a gamepad, stylized creeper (cult monster). Console looks really original. Although Microsoft and there are questions: the phrase “for those of you who just loves dirt” from the movie sounded very ambiguous.