As part of a future review, Ubisoft canceled projects from the Watch Dogs team – review

Programmer Ubisoft montreal Louis de Carufel said the publisher canceled the game, which had been under development for about three years. At the same time, none of the team of 200 people was fired – they were assigned to another 15 projects, making it possible to even prioritize.

By given Jason Schreier from KotakuUbisoft after colossal failure Ghost recon breakpoint and weak sales The division 2 revises the approach to approving and producing games, relying on more risky and original titles.

Apparently, for this reason, the unannounced project that the team of the first and second Watch Dogs worked on was canceled – it was a new franchise in style Destiny. Considering that Ubisoft already has The Division, in words the idea looked at least secondarily.

At the same time, Karufel soon deleted all the tweets – apparently, Ubisoft was not satisfied with the dissemination of information.