The idea is simple, and is on the verge of genius. Take boxing has gained popularity from the Wii Sports , improve the accuracy of motion with the help of Joy-Con controller, add vivid characters with different styles and skills, and introduce online team battles – and voila!

However, between the idea and the execution is a chasm, and thrown over her bridge swinging in our situation, as if spring-hand characters the ARMS .

First of all, if you remember the Wii Sports , the box there was a well, very simple, and motion control does not involve numerous possibilities. but ARMS because so called, that in it everything is decided by arms.

Each fighter is equipped with different variations of removable fists! This may be the usual boxing gloves, a huge electrified iron ball, a “smart” umbrella, to repel the attacks, and much more.

Each weapon has its own weight, speed, and many – additional effects, which can be frozen, set fire to the enemy or stun him with an electric discharge. Before the new round is possible to change gear, and thus completely change the scenario lightning polutoraminutnoy fight. As you know, the lack of variation and tactics simply will not.

Managed all with a wave of the hand – grab one controller to the right, the second to the left, smile and wave. Sensitivity is very good, bending your hands very well recognized, only to the block constantly comes trouble – instead the characters use the capture.

More may initially have problems in moving around the ring, but it’s a matter of habit. But after half an hour – an hour, depending on the level of training, you will feel every muscle from the shoulder to the little finger.

Edward spring

It may seem that the composition of the ten soldiers – quite a bit. But each of the characters, if given due time to training, will be able to use the weapon everyone else.

This means that the number of tactical possibilities will gradually grow, and you will get the most beautiful “living shield” of the alien arsenal, finally will fight for favorite character exactly the way they wanted.

ARMS game review

They are small – but they are in the body.

It’s a shame, though, that much of the history of the characters and the tournament itself there. We almost did not talk about how the ten “athletes” gain their abilities in just a few words to mention that to aspire to each of the fighters.

This is all the more disappointing that the roster then the original and memorable, with even hints of classes. Thus, the standard boy and girl Springmen Ribbongorl act, so to speak, in a middleweight. Quick Ninja Ra and spirited Chinese girl Chong Ming-Ming – lightweight. A mummy of an ancient wizard Mumm and girl geek Mechanics – Heavyweight.

In addition, each of the characters have special abilities such as double jump or the ability to restore power to the unit, and arena equipped with contraptions that affect the outcome of the bout. Therefore, two identical match exactly no place ever.

But the single player campaign does not possess such originality and variety – it should just beat all the other participants and shlestnutsya champion, just like in the first parts of Mortal Kombat or Street General Fighter .

In addition, since the third of the seven levels of difficulty novice gamers are waiting for the difficulties and little “cheating” on the part of the computer, so not everyone will be able to without loss of nerve open network matches the ranking, which is necessary to pass ARMS on the fourth level of skill.

In the web all organized concisely and simply. The local lobby is stuffed up to two dozen people, one of them you get to the opponents in the next battle, determines the case. It is possible to participate in one-on-one battles, and in team fights.

When the ring appear just four of the hero, the chaos begins. Flying across the screen, hands, permanent melteshenie and flashes of energy – then the tactics, everything is much worse than in the standard sparring.