All the matter in the diet. Or python? 

At first, until we show the cute and little absurd cartoon clip-saver; while the song is playing, briefly explaining how the main character got to where it was – it seems that emotions and expectations were not in vain. Here it is – a real crazy plasticine adventure, just like old times!

On a distant planet, which we are told a little less than nothing, disaster struck: ended a “Python”, necessary for the survival of the Aborigines.

Three heroic brothers sent into space in search of this element. One dies, another goes missing, and only the young Tomminavt, the youngest, to survive after the collapse of his ship to be at the center of our attention. Once on the planet’s surface Spiro-5, plasticine traveler with his eyeless dog Beak Beak, miraculously saved from a very voracious monster and into the Armikrog fortress – to put it mildly, strange place.

At about this point the story with us and says goodbye. Further Adventures Tomminavta – a set of disparate puzzles and slaboosmyslennyh movements on a “pass though somewhere ahead.” No, we have, of course, the chance to go along to find out some more details of the history Spiro-5 and Armikroga. But on the whole scenario – the so-oiled, so insignificant and detached from the passage that about him, right, and nothing to say.

Plush cube with eyes

not seem too meaningful and dialogues. In fact, members of conversation, it is usually only two: from time to time Tomminavt talking with beak-beak. As a rule, we are presented with so another flat, strained joke without causing even a smile.

Facial expressions, grimaces, movements – all that was in the beauty Kleymena Neverhood of The , is in its infancy. Animation characters – terrible. Plasticine nature of the world is almost never defeated, except, perhaps, the ability of old Tommy shove things right himself in the chest without any harm to health.

Armikrog game review

Do dogs have no eyes, but it does not prevent her to see the world, and fifty shades of gray in it.

Local monsters and locations, however, are funny in its absurdity: orange plush cube with eyes that can move back and forth, like furniture, looks really funny and creative.

But the lack of any kind was a system, which includes the local creatures, the lack of references to something clear and familiar does the existence of Aboriginal slightly pointless. Ants, reminiscent of Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) and Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson), seems to somehow have to parody American presidents, but in fact look like a joke, tell not to the end. The theme is not disclosed, the fakir was drunk, what is the focus – is unclear.

In The Neverhood We waited a surprisingly lively world of plasticine with the charismatic main character, who did not need the words to be expressive.

Armikrog – dead, tortured with the matter of the universe and a half-empty cardboard – or rather, clay – The bar in the main character.

On half of the walls in this performance does not hang anything at all, and the other half is densely hung with guns, which obviously meant a shot at some of the original concept.

And again, “tag”

Here we are getting, as it were to the gameplay, which is as it were to the puzzle. The classical scheme of point-and-click, classic as “pixel-hunting” without a hint of backlight and tons, tons of puzzles – this looks like passing Armikrog. That does not sound so bad to just spit? Believe me, the reason for spitting here abound.

Firstly, most of the problems were incredibly simple. No, in fact, developers are seriously trying to surprise us with an analogue of the game in the “tag”? Wait, so he liked the idea that they repeat it a few times!

Armikrog game review

Everything you wanted to know about poison-pink scales, but were afraid to ask.

Secondly, it is very often the solution requires a lot of frankly boring action, replacing proper brain function. For example, to soothe a crying baby, you need to hang on the musical toy figurines of monsters. Wait until the children’s song lose from start to finish.

Find that the figures fell. Swap them. Wait for the next play. And so – to the bitter end. Is it worth it for the “puzzle” kind of concept? No. I wonder whether to decide? No. Can I skip tyagomotinu and move on? You understand correctly – there is none. Moreover, this idea authors seemed also very fruitful, so comforting a crying baby, we have as many as three times. The same way, of course.