In this title we must remain in the shadows (literally) as long as possible. And we have to do it for two main reasons. On the one hand, to avoid being detected by rivals. And, on the other hand, to recharge the skills of our protagonist, of which we are going to talk to you right now.


The main character of this adventure is an Aragami . And what is that? Well, apparently and for what we are told in this production, it is a resurrected ninj


a who must obey the person who has brought him back. In this case, this person is Yamiko , a princess who has been captured by the Army of Light (called Kaiho), the same one that destroyed his people and killed most of its inhabitants.


Revenge . That is what Yamiko seeks in short, a feeling that transmits to our protagonist so that he can carry it out for her while at the same time he manages to rescue her.


As you can see the plot is not bad and although it is not the most absorbing we have enjoyed in recent times, at least you can see that it has be


en worked on. It is true that as we move forward and overcome the various chapters his narrative ends up showing something irregular, but as an excuse we say that we have seen much worse.



Murder or go unnoticed?

Once we entered the job, we immediately noticed the intention of the developers to create an incredibly slow play style. Much more than w

hat we are letting us taste the most current representatives of the genre such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Hitman or even Dishonored.


Aragami analysis

Advance hidden and undetected or end one by one with rivals. What is your way of playing?

To begin with, the standard speed at which the protagonist moves is really slow , although it is possible to run as well as to crouch.


The most recommendable is the latter, for the simple reason that beyond visual perception, rivals can also notice our presence by sound. And the faster we move, the more likely we are to be detected … and find ourselves in serious trouble.


One of the main features of this videogame is that it does not grant much margin of error, especially at the beginning, when ou


r ninja hardly possesses special abilities and is rather unprotected and lacking in resources … although this sensation diminishes as we progress as more Later we will explain. If for whatever reason they discover us, we can run or


teleport quickly to a place as far away as possible, because rivals can kill us in one fell swoop. And if this happens, we will have to start again almost from the beginning with enough confidence, given that the control points are not exactly habitual.


Aragami PC

This level of demand has enchanted us, as it encourages us to make a lot of effort and, most importantly, to act with the necessary caution, because if we get out of control and move without reason, it is likely that we will do very little . Forget about hand-t


o-hand combat because it’s not an option, we guarantee it. That is why this adventure is more thoughtful and tactical than usual, and oozes a charm that we had not tasted in a title of these characteristics for some time, an aspect that is probably the one that has satisfied us most of the game.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the analysis, Aragami has several ninja powers that can be enabled as we progress. And the way to do it is by collecting ancient scrolls, which are the key to learning new defensive and offensive techniques.



Aragami PC

Some special abilities are quite funny, like this one you see here.

At the beginning our protagonist only has a knife, ideal to eliminate opponents from the back or from an advantageous posi


tion (as from the heights), as well as the amazing ability to teleport from one shadow to another . But as we prosper and discover the scrolls that are scattered around the sets (highly recommended task to perpetrate), we are enabling new techniques, some really useful.


Depending on how we play, we will enable one or the other. And we explain ourselves. It is possible to overcome the levels without making any scratch to the rivals, as ghosts , so techniques such as invisibility become very useful.


But it is also possible to play as if we were dark assassins , eliminating the rivals effectively and without causing a stir, so learning to use throwing kunáis or even invoking a dragon to eat an entire rival become vital resources .


Despite this, in our opinion the most recommendable skill and that it is necessary to enable as soon as possible is the one that has to do with the recognition of the terrain and the marking of rivals. In the beginning we advance without any help in


this sense beyond what our eyes allow us to observe, so we must progress looking at all sides because it is possible that we detect a rival that we had not previously located. Also at this point it is fair to say that the artificial intelligence of ene


mies (with some exceptions) is quite solid, so that leaving corpses in sight or kill in full light of a bluff are not the best ideas.