Apocalypse in VR

 Arizona Sunshine review


However, we know that you are still many who have made the big purchase and you have often pointed out in the comments and for this reason we decided to turn a spotlight on  arizona sunshine, the debut title of the guys of Jaywalkers Interactive that not only he managed to quickly demolish our skepticism but he even entertained us with a handful of hours of healthy fun.


Despite the usual length to which we have to submit every time we want to engage in some test session with HTC Vive. Let’s start by saying that the video game produced by Vertigo Games is a shooter with first-person view that more classic die: we find ourselves catapulted into a traditional zombie invasion in the middle of a particularly stereotypical scenario of the American Southwest in the middle of the prairies of Texas and the abandoned canyons of Colorado.


The single player campaign, which can also be played in cooperatives with an online friend armed with everything necessary, is divided into nine fairly linear levels but which allow a minimum variety in the points of access to the clashes. There is also a horde mode, which can also be played in multiplayer for up to four participants.


Basically, however, the action is always the usual that can be expected from the genre: we move a few steps waiting to face a few groups of zombies hungry for flesh and blood, we listen to the sarcastic and irreverent beats of the protagonist (who does so much Duke Nukem) and we are preparing for the next fight. 


All this by solving some microscopic enigma that involves finding keys and cranks and pressing buttons to access areas of the level otherwise banned so as to prepare for loading the next map.

Arizona Sunshine is a very fun shooter for Oculus and HTC. Yes, we repeat: it’s fun!


Thus told this  arizona sunshine ps4 would seem to be yet another experience in VR of a genre that already lives of a constant sense of déjà vu.


Instead we have to admit that from the first minutes in which you wear Vive and you face the bright and colorful world of the game, the fun is tangible and the identification catapults us in a moment into a well-calibrated and extremely satisfying gameplay.


 First and foremost is the excellent recognition of hands and body to amaze, as per Valve’s device tradition. In fact, the developer advises to tackle the standing title in order to manage his presence in the virtual space in the best possible way, especially in terms of coverage and interactions with the surrounding environment.

Apocalypse in VR

It is in fact possible to open and close the doors and luggage racks of dozens of cars, drawers, filing cabinets, desks, doors and activate electronic devices and buttons of various kinds. All this protruding and lowering ourselves in an extremely realistic way. And then there is the paraphernalia.


In the game we will have access to twenty different weapons including pistols, shotguns, machine guns and grenades and we can equip two at a time relegating to our combat belt the placement of discarded weapons (two more at most) and the ammunition depot.  arizona sunshine vr offers, among other things, an excellent fire mouth management system.


First of all starting from the normal difficulty level to climb we will not have any kind of pointer and we will be forced to use the viewfinders physically present on the weapons to center heads and limbs of the attacking zombies.Secondly we will have to manually act on the expulsion of the charger and the insertion of the new one working with the circular touch of the Vive 3D controllers and then approaching the waist as we will physically detach the quill from the bombs before launching them performing in complex pressures of the various keys of the two input systems.


Perhaps this last element is the first criticism that we feel to move to Arizona Sunshine: thanks to the movement that takes place via teleportation to minimize the sense of nausea connected to the movement of the body, the keys to press on the two controllers are many, too many during the most excited fights.


Movement, expulsion of the magazine, fire, grenade, each element requires a button or some interaction with the two Valve devices and it is clear that the latter are not pads and the offer of the keys, as well as risked, is also often uncomfortable .


Probably with the Oculus Rift Touch, things are better but at the moment we can not go into details not having tried them yet. Once you have taken your hand, however, it will be quite immediate to infiltrate the apocalypse by properly handling the interactions with the game world and above all by performing sniper shots while perhaps using the door of a car to cover up.


Or taking advantage of windows to hit outside the zombies nested in a house. Everything happens spontaneously and from this point of view the arizona sunshine psvr and above all the controllers perform their task perfectly, allowing the player to aim with great precision and with a particularly cinematographic style and to really feel in the middle of the action.

 Arizona sunshine weapons

What do you need to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Guns. Lots of guns.

Arizona Sunshine will have 25 different guns for you to use on the zombie hordes. Love the Desert Eagle? Go for it, but you might wish you picked up the Uzi when you run into a group of your zombie friends in a canyon. Each gun has pluses and minuses depending on the situation and how you play.

We leave it to you to decide which weapon to carry. Do you want a machine gun with a high rate of fire forcing you to reload frequently or a close quarters weapon, like a shotgun, but with a slow reload?

Weapons can also come equipped with tools, such as a flashlight, that come in handy when the lights go out…