Anno 1800 released the ninth expansion, “New Heights” – review addiction

Ubisoft announced the release of the next, ninth addition to the historical urban planning strategy Anno 1800… Another DLC was named “New heights“, And high-rise buildings will become its main innovation.
The skyscrapers that may appear in our cities are inspired by the early high-rise buildings that began to appear at the end of the 19th century. In particular, the most famous of them are the Singer Building and the Empire State Building.

Building high-rise buildings will require the production of new materials, population growth, and meeting the requirements of investors and engineers. Each skyscraper consists of blocks, and you can build them up to three to five levels, for each choosing the appearance. And with each step up, new needs will appear.

New Heights is the third and final expansion of the third season of the Anno 1800 Expansions.

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