Angels and demons

 Seraph game review

Produced under the Dreadbit label by former Media Molecule developer Daniel Leaver, senior designer of hit titles like Little Big Planet and Teraway ,


Seraph is the classic independent product that, thanks to its particularly solid and refined gameplay, has gained the consent of the players since its debut in Early Access on Steam, from which it came out successfully after about six months of updates and finishing.


The game, an action / platform acrobatic horizontal scroll winking to the dynamics of Bayonetta and Devil My Cry, at the beginning of November has also landed on PlayStation 4, where it is sold at a price slightly higher than the PC version.


After the good impressions of our previous trial , we returned to the fallen angel to complete his dramatic adventure, an escape through procedural levels infested with hordes of ruthless demons.

All the elegance of the “Gun-fu” in Seraph, action-platform with procedural levels of Dreadbit

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Seraph game, as specified, is a fallen angel, trapped in the body of a girl named Talia held prisoner inside a ship-fortress (the Corangelus) that sails off the Arabian Sea. For obscure reasons, the vessel is attacked by a horde of demons that eliminate all passengers on board, except for a pair of cryptic figures that will help  seraph pc game in his return to “Origin”, the celestial plane from which it comes.

The plot, permeated by ethical and religious themes, although rarefied and supported only by basic dialogues and simple diaries to collect, is all in all pleasing to follow until the final act, which comes after a few hours of play.


As already pointed out, the beating heart of Daniel Leaver’s work lies in the excellent gameplay developed along the lines of the “Gun-Fu” style, one in which the typical acrobatics of the oriental martial arts are supported by the use of firearms. The Chinese director John Woo’s action films are a classic example.

Angels and Demons
Angels and Demons

Unlike other horizontal scrolling shooters / platformers, Seraph does not need to target their enemies, but they are automatically hooked from the supplied arsenal. After all, all the fun revolves around the acrobatic and elusive skills, made of double jumps, sudden shots and the ability to cling and climb the walls (the use of the joypad is absolutely recommended).


The basic weapon resides in a pair of guns, sufficiently powerful and with infinite bullets, while the secondary, to be unlocked and collected in special lockers scattered throughout the levels, ranging between machine guns, assault rifles and “railgun” more or less effective.


Among the most interesting aspects of Seraph there is precisely the management of weapons and the various angelic powers, linked to a deep crafting system that requires a certain period of practice to be understood in detail.


Basic Seraph can perform two “Miracles”, powerful special moves to upgrade and enhance through the Transmutation menu; among them there is Repellente, which repels projectiles and enemies, Globe that hits like a boomerang and Comet, thanks to which the protagonist, after a jump, lashes towards the ground producing large area damages.


In addition to the Miracles, our angel can also count on the Blessings, to be earned and updated every time you level up, and on the Oaths, a series of passive skills and perks that significantly increase the firepower, the defense, the bar of the health, critical hits and more.


The Oaths, subdivided into the three types called Ammunition, Defensive and Holy, can be associated with the so-called Fragments, in turn organized for effectiveness and rarity. If this were not enough, in the Transmutation menu with elements released by the defeated enemies can also be designed rings protective, which are randomly released in the lockers of the levels. The latter, as anticipated, are procedural in nature, and while not presenting a design studied to the millimeter they are generally enjoyable, net of some stylistic choices that are not always happy.


Unfortunately, the only objectives to carry them out are the defeat of the boss on duty or the destruction of the so-called “Fontane Terminus”, the classic nests where demons are generated.


In some levels there are also secret areas to be unlocked, where in addition to the inevitable loot can be the precious checkpoints; once killed, in fact, Seraph can be reborn up to three times within the same level, the fourth, however, can rise again only in the last checkpoint identified.