Anfisa Chekhova climbed out of the water without clothes

Russian TV presenter and actress Anfisa Chekhova once again surprised all her fans by undressing and showing her great virtues on camera.

The 42-year-old star pleased all users of the network with new photos posted on her page on Instagram. According to, Anfisa Chekhova published three new frames at once, in which she takes a hot bath. Standing waist-deep in water, the star posed in various poses, each time, however, demonstrating her great charms. Anfisa Chekhova also shared with subscribers and revealed to them that she was always attracted to the “incongruous”, such as thermal waters in winter.

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Posted by Anfisa Chekhov (@achekhova) Jan 10, 2023 at 1:09 PST

User comments were not long in coming. Chekhova’s subscribers admitted that they even envy her and would like to try thermal waters with her. In addition, users noted that the photographs successfully captured not only Anfis Chukhov, but also nature: “Oh, what a beauty, and Anfisa, and nature.” Others asked the TV presenter whether it was cold to her to stand only a belt in the water. To this they received a response from the subscribers of the star, who are sure that Anfisa Chekhov is so hot that he heats the water. The rest just left compliments for the celebrity. “Yes, you are the goddess of beauty, really,” the user wrote. “The girl of a dream. You are amazingly beautiful, ”added another.

According to, Anfisa Chekhova’s post immediately after its publication gathered a huge number of likes and hundreds of comments. In total, over 1.6 million people signed up for a celebrity account on Instagram.