An Explosive Week in What’s Up October 22nd – 28th

News of the week
We open right away talking about the week’s announcements, which was definitely lively. First of all, Nintendo  has decided to further enrich its mobile gaming line after Miitomo and Super Mario Run . Starting in November, Animal Crossing will be the Pocket Camp ,

specially designed for Android and iOS systems . In this iteration of the series you will have to create a comfortable virtual campsite for your favorite characters, gesturing it while you are immersed in nature and always have the opportunity to visit the nearby resorts. As always, stay on SpazioGames  to find out more new things that will accompany us from here at the exit.

Another announcement of the week is the one related to Hitman: Game of the Year Edition . This is the first release since IO Interactive became independent after having been into Square Enix. Beginning November 7th, anyone who already has the game can buy $ 20 a new campaign consisting of five missions , which will be set in the previous maps, edited and modified for the occasion, to offer a different experience.

If, however, you have never bought Hitman, you will have the complete game and the unpublished content at the total cost of $ 60. The former Elusive targets will also be active, as long as you have not previously attempted to eliminate them. In this way, let’s know IO, even those who have not approached before Hitman  will have the opportunity to experience the full experience as it was conceived by the development team.

Meanwhile, the ever-controversial Metal Gear Survive  has found its schedule on the calendar: Konami said that the release of the Metal Gear spin-off was set for February 22, 2018 in Europe. We remind you, in an “alternative” timeline compared to The Phantom Pain, the game takes you to a parallel universe where you will have to organize and cooperate to survive the hordes of indomitable creatures that will be ready to take your life.

While maintaining some stealth mechanics, the game focuses strongly on collaboration between players, even in killing, and on the collection of resources to be used for crafting. This is the first release of the series by Hideo Kojima, with the expected release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


We also open a bracket for consoles, since the first Xbox games  of Xbox One ‘s retrocompatibility program debuted in the week . There are currently thirteen titles available , including Prince of Persia, but in the future the library will be enriched with additional releases. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also formalized the termination of Kinect’s production, which seems to have reached the end of the line. The device had its most prospect of launching Xbox One, but it began to remain shaded when it was removed from the console bundle until it reached the current state of Microsoft’s decision to abandon it on the sunset boulevard .
While all of this was happening, we point out that Sony  has introduced a small update of 5.01 for its PS4 : there are no new features to highlight, but we underline that thanks to this patch some bugs have been corrected by some of our readers after installing the 5.0 update.
There is also little news for Nintendo Switch since 4.0.0 came in. The latter introduced some small features, such as the ability to use the Nintendo GameCube controller to play with the adapter . Among other things, the time elapsed on a game is now more accurate and you can connect your headset via USB to the console . A few days ago, however, it also debuted the minor update 4.0.1 , which only deals with fixing issues for the previous patch.