Alienware unveils UFO – Nintendo Switch-style portable PC – review

Alienware at CES 2023 introduced Nintendo Switch style portable PC concept – UFO. Its main features repeat those of the Nintendo system.

Like the big N console, the controllers can be connected to both the tablet and a separate device, turning them into an independent gamepad. The remaining specifications of the prototype remain unknown. The system runs on full Windows 10.

If desired, you can display the image on a TV or monitor, actually turning the device into a desktop computer. The screen resolution at the same time, it seems, is 1200r, which is surprisingly a lot for the first portable system.

Although the UFO and the prototype, some note that in many respects it resembles a finished product, but so far there are many questions to it, especially regarding battery and heating – The verge notes that even on a noisy CES overclocking fans are heard.

While Alienware is not ready to talk about plans for the release of the device, but journalists believe that the company has tried, so in the end we can see the finished product.

Photos from CNET