Alien Isolation

The ALIEN  fans  have suffered. Disasters like the everywhere erratic  Colonial Marines  or the decaffeinated  Alien Resurrection  of PSX have tried to honor the film brand of  Ridley Scott, James Cameron and company, born of HR Giger’s chilling original design for the aggressive alien creature. But nothing, the game did not arrive –


without counting the something better stopped  Alien versus Predator 2 – that would satisfy as it is due to the follower of the  celluloid xenomorphs at the same time that it gave a gameplay  experience Worthy of the titles of action, shocks and terror.


The Creative Assembly , inexperienced in the games in the first person and the  survival horror  but very skilled in strategy ( Total War ), dare with these two genres to outline his particular proposal called to leave a mark in the video games of the universe and Alien license .


And they do it, not at the astronomical level that any studio would like, but it does give shape to a very hardcore, rather deep and above all paused experience that is narratively and atmospherically intertwined with the first films as the jaws of the most terrible alien beast with its prey

singleplayer  and traditional adventure  more  fan service  than usual -good- and complete that perhaps risks or overturns in some ideas and neglects in turn essential aspects such as the variety, the rhythm with peaks or the technical section to the last.


Transgenerational ( PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and 360 ) and made from scratch for quite some time by a team with mimo and unconditional of the saga,  Alien Isolation arrives at the stores next Friday after raising the  hype  to the stratosphere and to be the white hope of the survival of Alien after an inconceivable smack like Colonial Marines was.


Sega I had total confidence in this new project and each announced fact fed more the passions of which we got tired of so much easy trigger in the games in the first person and who expected a game of license at the height of the film milestone.

Alien Isolation (360) screenshot

Alien Isolation (360) screenshot   Alien Isolation (PC) screenshot

Alien Isolation (PC) screenshotWell, the most reasonable forecasts are almost fulfilled and Alien Isolation is probably one of the best titles under the official film label to date. What does not mean that is why the mammoth and groundbreaking video game of extreme survival and terrifying labyrinth that is often promised to us and that should attract the attention of the unfamiliar or more passota brand as an iconic game of its kind. It does not come to that, no. Perhaps it is due to the


lack of knowledge of responsible study in the field of first-person games, the lack of resounding budgets to classify as true and crucial


Triple A -which is not- or the obsessed obsession with a hardcore, random and very old experience school that nowadays it does not work so well and it would have to be updated a bit so that it is not perceived as archaic and unfair as it comes to be felt.

Some of this has happened, probably the three things each one in its measure.

But the one that aimed to be a hilarious trip, surprising and essential for every gamer stays in an adventure very much for the fan that is still acceptably developed, be challenging and true to the brand, but to which he will forgive his not so good things only the

Alien fan, who, by the way and is already said, finally gets control in hand the overwhelming, anguished and nervous sensations of the movies.


That forecast that each new step forward twists and aggravates a little more the previous ones. Everything goes wrong, and to top it off in the solitude of space, where every noise in ducts and behind doors makes you fear for life. Suspense Scott style, which, in fact, has supervised the entire project and authorized the continuous references.