Again wizards of escape with the review of The Escapists 2

f Michael Scofield and the Prison Break series have exalted you at the time, you are in good company. The one for the escapes from the prisons is a real passion cultivated by many, also satisfied in the videogame field thanks to The Escapists , a title that in 2015 has obtained a good success that has also led to the creation of a spin-off dedicated to The Walking Dead . Zombies aside,


the first The Escapists was especially appreciated for the freedom granted to the player in the design of his escape, while being a bit ‘difficult in some mechanics that after three years Mouldy Toof Studios and Team 17 have decided to try to correct with


The Escapists 2. Already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the new chapter will come soon also on Nintendo Switch: we played it on the Sony console, and here is our verdict.

Again wizards of escape with the review of The Escapists 2


Who has had the opportunity to play the first chapter will have no difficulty in approaching The Escapists 2, built on the same basis as those of his predecessor. The ultimate goal is always to escape from one of the ten prisons offered by the game, using any means available to succeed in the enterprise.As in the first The Escapists, therefore, we are dealing with a precise routine, punctuated by the calls of the guards who will be inflexible in punishing every slight hurdle.


Between breakfast, lunch, dinner and work, you need to work hard to fine-tune your escape plan, dedicating part of your free time to the “quests” entrusted to us by our fellow prisoners. As in the past they do not shine by variety, but they are one of the ways to get the smuggled items we need to achieve what we have in mind.


A very good part of the weapons and tools that can be used in an escape can always be built thanks to the crafting system of The Escapists 2, without any doubt improved compared to 2015. While appreciating its power


,Scrolling through the list we are now shown the basic elements to have available, in addition to the level of intelligence required for our character to succeed in the assembly.


As in the first The Escapists, the mind can be trained in the appropriate areas of the prison, while if you prefer the use of brute force it is still possible to get muscles in the gym: better keep this in mind, to avoid ending up in the infirmary during the brawls.


Little changes instead from the point of view of the difficulty, still quite high even in the initial stages: the breath of the guards is constantly on our neck, and even a small carelessness is enough to send up a plan that has been designed for hours of play. Once caught, everything that we find ourselves in fact disappears,


and you have to start almost from scratch to make a new attempt. The rescue system remains tied to online rankings and therefore not very malleable, so you can not count on it to repair your mistakes. When the frustration comes to touch their own peaks, this can inevitably seem like a


defect, but on balance this is the nature of The Escapists and it would not make much sense to change it, even if perhaps a curve could be put in place. learning a little sweeter.