Aeon of Ruin. Men ate meat – Gambling

An ideal retroshooter for those who grew up on Kwaka.

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If you remember how you froze with delight when you first appeared on Xena in Half-life… With any incomparable pleasure kicked Bosko zombies and, laughing, blew up the sectarians with dynamite Blood… How they broke piglets with pigs Duke Nukem 3D… In short, if at least some of these emotions are familiar to you, then you will surely like Wrath: aeon of ruin. If you look at all these games as if they were moth-eaten antiques of the gaming industry, then you are almost guaranteed not to like this project. Here it would be possible to finish. But we will continue.

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Those who survived the 90s

Wrath is an old-fashioned game in every way. Developed by her debutants from Killpixeland titans released from 3D Realmswho had a hand in the aforementioned Duke Nukem 3D and no less iconic Shadow warrior. Then, however, they slightly tarnished their name with two painful long-term construction: a cemetery of successful finds Prey and legendary, but for the wrong reasons Duke nukem forever. So Wrath has become, in a way, a recent return to the roots. Ion fury. And it turned out great.

As befits an old-school shooter, Wrath does not skimp on blood

We start in a conditional hub – a fragment of the first world (three promise in total), in which you can safely run around and evaluate what kind of filigree work the developers did. The game really looks like a guest from the late 90s and evokes associations not only with the first Kwaka, but also with Blood and Heretic no less gloomy in mood: dark dungeon corridors, dreary forests with bare trees, snowy and abandoned cities with huge castles … The stylization is perfect – from building locations to designing enemies. So far, however, only two levels are available to us, albeit of a rather impressive size: we cannot fully appreciate the imagination of the developers. It is also embarrassing that in alpha we were shown eight types of opponents, and there are fifteen in all. Whether it is possible to maintain diversity over fifteen levels with such an assortment of critters is a good question.

Starting location
despite its beauty, it is empty and at first even evokes a sense of anxiety and
worries. It feels like this beautiful world is dying

Zombies, devils, two trunks

Although fighting with exhibits of local bestiary is not at all boring. As befits old-school shooters, each local enemy has his own unique habits, and each needs a special approach. For example, the ghouls are extremely weak and one by one they easily shred with a sword. But when they are pinched by half a dozen in a narrow corridor, and even in the company of other fiends of hell, you have to retreat so as not to be lifted up. Or, let’s say, local counterparts of cacodemons – also fire bullets with high frequency and painfully bite close, gradually approaching the player. If they are released in 2-3 individuals, and even with the support of other enemies (otherwise it is rare here), you have to flutter in level like a ballerina on steroids, maneuvering between fireballs and actively pouring lead on monsters. Hardcore also adds that you can save anywhere, but only with the help of special artifacts. And if on an average level of complexity this, in general, does not cause any particular problems, then on higher ones each selected “saver” will be worth its weight in platinum. Although the monsters are stupid, but quite successfully crushed by the crowd and sickly damage.

Now this toothpick will make a bite – and I will return to the beginning of the level, because I forgot to stay on the courage before the start of the fight

Of course, at the best moments, a whole horde of demonic creatures is released at once to us, and it is important that this does not happen in round arenas, as in some Serious sam, and amid a pile of stairs, corridors, arches and spots. Because of this, almost every skirmish with enemies turns into a test of dexterity and accuracy.

No pumping, cut-scenes and, do not give Bosch, a difficult moral choice: there is a crowd of monsters, everyone needs to be destroyed. Go! The well-balanced arsenal helps in this: the full version promises nine types of weapons, so far only five are available, but they are more than enough. A wrist blade is useful against zombies and lonely enemies, a three-shot pistol is weak, but will be suitable at long distances, the local double-barreled shotgun has the ability to fire ricocheting charges that will come in handy against monsters hiding around the corner … In short, all weapons are somehow used throughout the passage. Artifacts also promise. While there are four of them available, it’s true that, in addition to savers, it seems only the possibility of restoring health: in the heat of battle, you just forget that you can double the damage – while you select and activate, you are chopped into meat strips.

Some creatures can shoot limbs. This has little effect on the game, but how nice it is to look at the result!

And, of course, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is designed primarily for a fairly narrow layer of gamers. It’s obvious that for those who, at Prey’s words, they remember not the 2006 FPS clubbing portals (by the way, one of the Wrath guns looks like a direct hello to this game), but it’s underrated "BioShock in space »2017, this game will seem maximally, sorry, stupid and useless. KillPixel Creation – as Recent Rambo: The Last Blood: Will go mainly only to those who grew up on films with Sylvester Stallone. Well, again, I will voice a doubt about how great it will be for developers to be able to maintain this pace over 15 rather big (judging by the first two) levels. But if lately you have been short of “meat”, and modern shooters have become somehow flimsy and not risking to challenge the player, then Wrath: Aeon of Ruin will quite quench your thirst for blood and let you smell virtual gunpowder.