Adventure continues – Pokemon Sword & Shield will receive plot additions with new territories and Pokemon

Role-playing games Pokemon sword and Pokemon shield for Nintendo switch will receive two major content additions in 2023. About this, developers from the studio Game freak announced during the presentation Pokemon directthat took place tonight.

Previously, not a single Pokemon of the main series has acquired large DLCs.. Instead, the developers preferred to release advanced versions of the games with new content a year or two after the premiere of the originals and sold them at full cost. In the case of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the team decided to try a new approach.

In total, two DLCs are being prepared – Isle of armor (“Armor Island”) and The crown tundra (“Mountain Tundra”). The first will be released in June, and the second in the fall of 2023. They will be distributed only as part of a seasonal subscription, which is already available for pre-order at eShop at a price of $ 30 in the United States and 2,249 rubles in Russia.

Both add-ons introduce players to completely new areas in the Galar region that are open to free exploration. Large-scale territories are populated by new Pokémon and characters.

The area from Armor Island consists of picturesque meadows, washed-out shores, forests, swamps, caves and sand dunes. One of the key features of the territory will be the martial arts school, which uses special training techniques. Trainers with their Pokémon will train under the guidance of this school’s sensei to become even stronger.

“Mountain Tundra”, in turn, will transfer players to the snowy kingdom. An important task will be the study of ice open spaces as part of the reconnaissance group.

“Here, Coaches will be able to find out everything about the Pokémon nests that they had previously seen only briefly during the Maxirade,” the description says.

In addition, Mountain Tundra will add a new joint mode to the game – players will be able to team up with friends and go to explore the dungeons where legendary Pokémon from the last parts of the series live.

In total, with the addition of add-ons, the list of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Pokémon available in the world will be replenished with 200 creatures. This number includes completely new monsters, as well as evolved and some old ones. If you are not going to buy a subscription, but you are interested in collecting – added Pokémon can be obtained in your regular version of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield by exchanging with other players through the service Pokemon home. He will replace Pokemon Bank in February 2023..

If some of the Pokémon added by developers in the DLC are already in your collection (you caught them in the previous parts of the main series and now they are in virtual storage), then you can transfer them to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield even without buying additional content.

Other information:

  • “Armor Island” and “Mountain Tundra” are independent story extensions – you can proceed to their passage until the completion of the main game. It’s enough to walk to the “Untouched Lands”.
  • From the locations of the main game in the area from the DLC, you can be transported at almost any moment.
  • Add-ons will add hundreds of new items of clothing, items and movements.
  • For the purchase of a subscription subscription, developers immediately give unique T-shirts for trainers from Pikachu and Ivy.

As for the new Pokemon and evolution, they promise a lot. At the presentation, the developers focused on the monster Kubfu, which can evolve in Urshifu, and the legendary Pokemon Kalireks.

Finally, today, the developers released a free update that added a kind of introduction to the game’s new story content. To activate, you need to go to Wedjurst station and follow the further instructions.

At the same time, the Galar Slowpok appeared in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield – you can catch it and add it to your team. In the future, he is able to evolve into Slobrow.

Full recording of the presentation in Russian:

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield came out in November 2019 and set an absolute record for sales speed among exclusive games on the market – 6 million copies were sold in three days.

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