Active training and singing: Kong Lao from the first Mortal Kombat wows fans

Actor and martial artist Anthony Marquez, donated Kun Lao’s appearance and movements in the second and third parts of the cult fighting game Mortal kombat, at 52, is still in excellent physical shape, leads active lifestyle and performs as part of a musical group Kung Lao & The Scorpion’s

Anthony Marquez shares episodes from his life with subscribers in Instagram… In particular, on his page on the social network, you can see videos of workouts in the gym, footage of performances, including in the image of Kong Lao, as well as various archived photo and video materials, and much more.

Earlier we talked about how the former model and actress Kerry Hoskinswho donated her looks and movements to Sonia Blade in Mortal kombat 3, delighted fans with a nostalgic cosplay of the famous heroine.

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