Action Ape Out for PC offer to get for free

PC owners have again the opportunity to completely replenish their collection of games with a very dynamic action for free and forever Ape out with an unusual visual style.

Players on the PC continue to please with gifts in honor of the winter holidays, reports. This time, gamers can pick up Ape Out action in their library. In this game you need to control a huge gorilla, which is trying to escape from captivity. Hundreds of armed people stand in her way who are trying to shoot or blow her up. The inhuman power of a gorilla allows her to destroy them with a single blow, to throw open doors at them or use people as a human shield. Behind the animal leaves only destruction and blood. The game is made in an unusual graphic style, which emphasizes the dynamics of the game and the chaos arranged by the gorilla.

All players can get Ape Out for free, reports. To do this, visit the official action page in the Epic Games Store service and click on the “Get” button. Epic Games Company distributes a new game every day in the New Year period. There will be a total of 12. Ape Out became the fifth game after Little Inferno, Superhot, Into the Breach and TowerFall Ascension. The next game of distribution will become known in a day, but judging by the image of the mountain on the preview, it will be a popular platform game Celeste.

Action Ape Out was released on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 28, 2019. The game received very high marks from critics.