Act Of Aggression

Assembly volley

in the worst traditions of plot complication is trying to be as realistic as possible. Some stock market crash in Shanghai, the economic crisis in the United States, Mexicans, military corporations – to understand this so difficult as it is meaningless. Therefore, the story fragments in news reports and briefings between missions, you can safely skip to the beginning.

The main thing to grasp, – the specificity of three sides of the conflict. Militaristic organization “Cartel” – is the bad guys. They rely on the most innovative and secret weapons in the battle so rely on the invisible tanks and orbital strikes.

Their direct opponent, “Chimera”, – it is a European political union is also quite progressive. One gets the feeling that the whole game has been designed on this opposition (associations with NOD and GDI occur by chance), but already in the final stages of development have added the United States: it is the most technologically weak army of veterans who fought all over the world. They do not even own the story campaign.

No – and thank goodness, because the prepared job developers rather dull. They are (again, in the worst traditions) perform purely the function of learning, gradually increasing the difficulty and complexity, introducing detail with every kind of equipment and allowing the probe specific nuances.

Constantly ticking some timers, spilling waves of enemies on the head by the order of scripts in different parts of the map markers appear to “save” or “eliminate”. By trying to even add a story: a woman on the device name names, worried, but, of course, nothing.

But it can not be called a failure. The developers themselves, and do not pretend to anything but exciting multiplayer: even in the main menu next to the “New Game”, hangs a global chat room where people find partners for the battles and discuss the matches. Alas, chatting it is rarely more than a thousand people, and is actively talking just a couple of dozen. And it is – in the first week of release.

Act Of Aggression game review

And could assign themselves barbarians. That break all at once?

Current aggression

Any RTS in your biography perfectly prepare you for the Act of Aggression : the game strongly and fundamentally goes retro. In multiplayer, using the classical approach the C & the C : no perverse modes – only one “skirmish”, in teams, or without them. Maps are built similarly, by the precepts of the “old school”: a circle symmetry, the position of the enemy base is always obvious, topography allows for one or two corridors that require constant defense.

The base is built from ore mines – there are three types of resources. Origin (ton of oil) is accumulated in unlimited quantities, a second, aluminum, already requires warehouses for storage.

It’s great micromanagement complicated, because you have to make sure that the metal is always something made, otherwise the production rises. The third resource – a special “rare ore”, which at first you do not need anyway.

New barracks and helipads are constructed gradually, workshops for engineering, laboratories for research. Begin to affect the differences between the factions. “Cartel” uses a lot of invisible art, and the “Chimera” is trying to control the air. Everyone has his own unique types of troops, methods of base construction, resource extraction and its weak points.

Some of the buildings “Cartel” is explosive and requires competent placement. But the “Chimera” explosion of the main building does not mean anything yet, “chief” can become any cheaper outpost, which they – for ore mining – ten.

Addition to the classic concept is almost there, kept everything up to “turn off the superweapon” button, although here it is unreasonably low. Interestingly only legacy itself Act of War: You can take the enemy soldiers prisoner and the good living. Well, carpet bombing are delivered by mail.

Act Of Aggression game review

Do you know why I did not mention that the “Chimera” can rebuild their “units” to the battlefield? Hell with the two you’ll tinker with it.

At the stage of military planning everything looks interesting – different configuration soldiers give rise to a lot of strategies and kontrpriomov attacks. Even, perhaps, too much: Each item has dramatically effective against some and terribly vulnerable to several others.

A whole army may bombard your troops, but if they do not have someone of the right, the three people destroyed five tanks and pomorschatsya. It’s good, but not when you have on the field twenty different types of troops.