Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies

The threat flies to high altitude
In the fourteen minutes of video just a few days ago we could take a closer look at the demos presented at the previous Electronic Entertainment Expo, accompanied by a detailed description of the campaign mode (more specifically the third game mission) to director of the Ace Combat series, Kazutoki Kono.
The first thing to be shown is the different types of controls on our aircraft: in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown novices will be able to embrace the standard option, while experienced riders will be able to take the lead in the battle with a sewing game system on their field experience.
Subsequently, a brief briefing will prepare us for the mission to be faced before we take off in the skies with our fighter hunt, chosen by the usual pink aircraft available in our hangar. We can observe the Hornet polygonal model chosen from different angles, studying the structure and admiring its graphic rendering (indeed very detailed, despite the absence of 4K in the demo of Kono himself).
Once you have chosen the vehicle to fly – in this case, an F-18 – you go to the special weapons selection to be loaded on board,
This is officially the last step before taking off from the aircraft carrier, a crucial moment we can decide to live in person thanks to a view inside the cockpit that shows each individual element for a nearly total dive. Just as total will be the feeling of hovering in the sky, thanks to a surprisingly surprising three-dimensional clouds and a horizon that leaves no room for pop-ups or other defects.
 The sun’s rays, the humidity on the glass of our cockpit and other small, significant details show a cure rarely seen in the other chapters of the series, complicating even the technical limitations of past generations of consoles. Now flying in the skies on board their hunt is even more immersive and extraordinarily realistic. However, we will have little time to enjoy the panorama, since in a few minutes we will soon be reached by the enemy.
And here it isAce Combat 7 proves to be genuinely anchored to the origins of the series: the winning tactic is once again to follow the wake of our opponent, waiting for the propitious time to lock it and shoot against as many searchable missiles as possible while being alert at the same time that other hunters do not do the same with us (the weapons we choose to bring with us are crucial to the good mission’s success).
A radar at the bottom left will also help to understand the direction in which to move suddenly, in the event of a sudden turn from our target or a direct threat to us.
Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies
I’d love to shake it up
But beware: in addition to the blows of our opponents (from which we can also defend ourselves by means of flare, to deceive the infrared missile optical sensors) in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown we will have to pay attention to a multitude of other details, from high altitude currents, to turbulence to the air voids, passing through particularly dense clouds that will almost completely obscure the view (or perhaps literally icing the cockpit glass through of the so-called “icing” effect), not allowing us to guide us with ease.
 In any case, our maneuvering skills will primarily represent the success or the defeat of the mission: the more we will be able to handle dexterity, the more difficult it will be for the enemies to be able to queue and then use our aircraft as an easy target . Obviously, we can use the atmospheric difficulty of the opponent, possibly taking him inside cumulonimbus, from which he will hardly come out all in one piece.