According to rumors, Sony may announce a new game in the inFamous series – Igromania

Podcast host XboxEra and a reliable insider Nick Baker considers, what Sony will soon (perhaps even at the show on Thursday) present a new inFamous

It will be a restart, a new part or a remaster / remake of any of the old ones – it is not yet clear. And Nick himself urged the audience not to rely heavily on the veracity of the rumor, since he could not confirm it with his sources.

But here’s the curious thing – just recently David Yaffe, creator Twisted metal and God of war, toldwhat Sony is preparing “Something that can blow your mind”… Perhaps the announcement will take place this week.

Recall that the last part of inFamous in the face Second Son went to PS4 in March 2014. Later, a prequel add-on was released for her. First light

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