Absolver is the first game from the developer Sloclap, formed by former Ubisoft workers. It is edited by Devolver Digital, an independent distri


butor with a lot of experience in the industry. With a team like this you want to try it, but the formula needs to be added that Absolver is a different fighting game, very oriented to multiplayer competition in which we can collaborate or face people from all over the world in the way campaign and give the best of us in the online ring 1 to 1. Absolver leaves behind the classic f


ighting game in which we have a set of movements that we can execute if we press with precision the keys of the command. Here we have to learn, as we move through the campaign mode, a series of attacks that we can configure and even create with our own style.

We start by creating our avatar with very basic configurations: choosing between man or woman, hair type, fighting style … In the fighting style we h


ave to choose between Windfall , Forsaken and Kahlt, These are the ones that mark at the beginning our level of difficulty. Once our character is set up, we begin an initiation ceremony where the Guides, the ruling class of the A


dal Empire, give us our mask of Promise that frees us from hunger, thirst or death. There begins our journey to become Absolve. The tutorial


with which we started is quite scarce, barely the basics to be able to move and understand the combat system. Later we will see that there are many options to unlock and great help in our ascent to Absolver.

Absolver (PC) screenshot

Sloclap also does not elaborate on telling us the story, and lets the player build it as he advances through Adal. The trip itself is not long, from 4 to 6 hours, although our first objectives, the Marked , it is not easy to find them since we do not have a map on


screen and the scenarios are labyrinthine and it is easy to get lost. The use of the Unreal Engine 4allows you to create a feeling of being im


mersed in the environment exploring every corner of a civilization that is forgotten. In any case, the feeling is that the campaign could give much more of itself, since it ends up losing interest in the repetition of certain situations even if it does not last long.

When we approach an altar, we see a kind of representation of the areas of Adal’s empire, although it is not a very descriptive map (only a silhouette and a few dots mark the objectives that go off as we complete them).

Absolver (PC) screenshot

While we explore the world and face other promises, which can be handled by the AI ​​or other players, we can improve our inventory, our


character and also learn new fighting styles. Every time we face an enemy we learn from him, not only a pattern to defeat him, but the movements they have used with us. Once we learn these movements we can incorporate th


em into our combat desk, for that we only have to go to an altar and meditate. But be very careful about dying before finding a control point, because if we do it the experience disappears and we will not be able to unblock the attacks.

Touch role for the fight

One of the elements that incorporates role-playing, apart from raising the level and improving the stats of the character by assign


ing skill points, is to collect items with which we can increase our defense, our damage and subtract our agility, we have to have a balance between the weight of the object and its improvement in our character. There are two types of combat: with weapons and without them, and each obviously has its movements. Weapons can


be found on the stage or we get them by defeating some enemies. Once we have the first enemy we are unlocked the ability to use the weapon, which has a recharge time.

Absolver (PC) screenshot

The goal of the game is fundamental, and the truth is that much planning is needed, since each movement begins and ends in a position and we can link them in a masterly way or make a complete disaster.

This is one of the most important parts of the game. Getting attacks and linking them correctly can make our experience in Absolver muc


h more satisfying. For this is the test mode, we can see what works and what does not and act accordingly. Once we achieve our perfect combo we can face the next opponent. A positive point of Absolver is the ability to collaborate with other players to achieve a common goal.

Many times the enemies outnumber you and it is better to collaborate than to lose the experience, but beware, if you hit one of your team


you will inflict combat damage and the system will interpret that you are no longer collaborating, but you have initiated a confrontation. This is one of the points that I think should be fixed in the next updates already announced and that will be free.

Absolver (PC) screenshot