There are combats everywhere, exciting duels 1 vs 1 and even battles against several simultaneous opponents, but the sensations are very different from those you usually experience in this class of video games. More if you are passionate about martial arts , then we are free to create our own style of combat! We can choose between about 180 movement


sand combine them at our whim, looking for the perfect flow between fists and kicks, jumps and lunges, hooks and elbows … until no one, no one, is able to break our defense and survive our blows. And it is a delight. It is such a rewarding experience, so exciting, that despite the failures with which this work edited by Devolver Digital has been released, it is hard not to love it.


You can see the passion, the respect of those responsible for the world of martial arts, who portray with an amazing beauty. You will strike with fury, every punch you give will be charged with excessive violence and, nevertheless, there it is, the elegance, the finesse, that special way of understanding the struggle. And the best thing, I insist, is that Absolver allows us to create our own choreographies , customize our combat style so that step by step, battle after battle, we feel that th


at, the one that goes around giving punches and kicks, is our character. Someone unique and special, someone who has forged his power from scratch, growing with experience, learning from each fight overcome. Also in this the game of Sloclap is,


in a certain sense, unique, because although there is a progression system typical of any RPG with attribute points to improve the strength, dexterity, vitality and other features of the protagonist, the combat movements, the Battle poses are learned through practice, not just defeating rivals; we must block their attacks, dodge their attacks, to gradually expand our repertoire.



Hit with the heart

We will do so, in the initial stages, overcoming a story mode not particularly brilliant in the narrative, rather the opposite, but genuine in its approach to the challenges. Free to explore the world of Adal , which almost seemed like a labyrinth, our goal in Abs

olving is to end the “Marcados”, powerful enemies who keep access to the Tower of Adal, final destination in an adventure that we can complete alone or, preferably, together with other players who will automatically cross our
path, giving us the option to cooperatewith them to sell to the most dangerous rivals. It is appreciated then, at times, this can be a video game of the most frustrating. The enemies are hard to peel, they do not cut a bit when it comes to dealing blows, so our f
irst steps can become a real ordeal. Die, die and die until you take the trick to a combat system that, although you admit that you crush the buttons, is not recommended.


Absolve analysis

Exploring the world of Adal is a fantastic experience thanks to the beauty of some of its scenarios. Pity that the story, his argument, does not accompany.

In Absolving it is not enough just to chain fast and strong blows; the elusive are fundamental, also the blocks, as well as the position from which we execute each combat movement. You can start the succession of blows from the left, above, and end


the combo hitting from the right, down, destroying the opponent’s defense. All this, in addition, pending resistance, own and rival, because without it you can not hit, but neither protect nor avoid. And here comes into play another


aspect that I love: the possibility of “absorbing” the opponent’s blows to recharge this energy bar. Is not easy. You have to act with precision, at the right time, taking into account also that no matter how good this action is, the adversary will continue atta


cking as if nothing happened; It is not a blockade or a counterattack. Recharge energy and ingéniatelas to surprise the rival! That’s why the Sloclap game is enjoyed, especially in its multiplayer side .


Absolve PC

The constant feeling of progression, of learning something new, motivates you to keep going

There is tension, a lot of emotion in the 1 vs 1 duels that Absolver proposes, there are so many combat options, so many ways to hit the opponent, that it is not strange to spend a good time dancing around the opponent while trying to find out what his nex

t move will be. Will he attack from the left? Will it hit hard? Should I dodge and hit fast? In a game where you can even use feints; star
t an attack and, at the last moment, cancel the blow to surprise with a totally different movement, the emotion of the combat is total. Pity that the same thing does not happen with the multitudinous fights. If you fight against an opponent in the company of other players the combats are too easy, at times chaotic, and if it
is the other way around, if you have to deal with an unequal fight, the frustration will end up taking over the battle. Despite the attractiveness of the idea, and although it seems great to alternate blows between one and another rival, in the en
d I do not feel that the combat system is fully prepared for this kind of fights so fast, so in a good way, overwhelming. And they are because you can harm your comrades, in the same way that rivals can hit each other when you move with intelligence. What a feeling!



So important are the physical attributes of the protagonist as the team that carries over. Choose well !, because success or failure in the battle will depend on it.

The campaign for a single player, although it is interesting for its way of telling its story in a subtle way, does not finish satisfying the expectations. It entertains, and it is a good learning method, but it soon falls short. In a matter of five hours


you can finish all your challenges that, at a certain moment, become repetitive. The possibility of finding weapons and making use of them is very good but, to the same extent, it also feels like something wasted and, worse, unbalanced. Carrying a sword grants a great advantage and, although it is true that you can take it from your hands, it is still not something that is one hundred percent polished. The good news is that Sloclap does not stop updating the ga


me, looking for solutions for latency problemsthat Absolver suffers from the first moment – they are still being felt, although to a lesser degree -, or by balancing their fantastic combat system so that, day by day, the game is better. They also anticipate such interesting news as the 3 vs 3, although before I hope that the system of matches is improved, because even the most novice of all can play against a veteran with much, much war behind his back.