A winter from wolves

If your PC is your platform of reference and you do not play much for mobile titles, it is very likely that the name of the Mojo Bones team does not tell you much. It is in fact a fairly small-sized studio, whose past experiences are divided between titles for Android and iOS, with an escapade on Nintendo 3DS. Impact Winter is therefore the first game that these British developers bring on our monitors, immediately pointing to a genre particularly inflated in the PC: that of the survival. 


Those who have read our tests of the last few months will know what it is: Impact Winter puts us in the shoes of a group of survivors, committed to trying to move forward after a catastrophic event that put Earth in front of an extraordinarily long and stiff winter. So wear your heaviest jacket, because where we are going it’s really so cold!


Snow, snow and snow: surviving for thirty days in Impact Winter is real tough stuff


The event imagined by Mojo Bones to tell the facts of Impact Winter is the same one that supposedly caused the extinction of dinosaurs many years ago, namely the impact of an asteroid on our planet. As previously mentioned, Impact Winter is nothing more than the English name of the so-called “impact winter”, characterized by a significant lowering of temperatures accompanied by atmospheric events that can change the Earth’s appearance.

A winter for wolves
A winter for wolves

The place we are in is the town of Brandon, in the Canadian province of Manitoba, to take on the role of Jacob Salomon, one who lived twelve months in the winter before stumbling into a group of other people who did of a church completely buried in snow their home.


Thanks to the use of a special drone, which we will know shortly, the group intercepts a signal according to which the long-awaited rescue will arrive in thirty days, to put an end to a situation lived constantly on the brink of the abyss.


Surviving while all around is buried by meters of snow is not at all easy, but fortunately Jacob can count on a group of colleagues of misfortune rather valid.Together with him there is Wendy, an elderly lady with knowledge of medicine and cooking skills, accompanied by Maggie, skilled mechanics able to build improvements for the shelter. Blane is the survival expert on the outside, while Christophe is the youngest of the group: an expert in technology, which is responsible for the drone operation Ako-Light, Jacob’s inseparable companion during his sorties outside the church .


As the leader of the quintet, the protagonist is in fact the one who is responsible for carrying out the tasks in what is called Void, which we will discuss later.


The specializations of the non-playable characters give rise to those that are called “streets” in Impact Winter: these are lines of quests, mainly linked to the procurement of materials necessary to obtain a certain improvement in one of the areas mentioned above.By helping Christophe, for example, you get a more efficient Ako-Light you can count on, while helping Wendy will have more chances to keep survivors alive.


Having a defined time interval at his disposal, the player must decide what to invest his efforts, focusing on the aspects that he thinks may be more suited to his style of play. Beyond the way in which it is decided to get to the end, the group is naturally nourished and kept in physical and mental health, on pain of death or abandonment by a member with all the consequences that this can have on the collaboration between the characters. A fundamental aspect for the success in Impact Winter