A whole new mud for MXGP 3

MXGP 3 marks the definitive abandonment of the owner of the house, in favor of the eclectic and always surprising Unreal Engine 4, probably the most versatile engine in existence and that never misses an opportunity to get noticed, with some shadows, even in this incarnation.


The year away from MXGP 2 is therefore justified in terms of a significant graphic restyling, but much has been done on the physics side. We managed to get our hands on the Xbox One version, will Milestone be able to improve again?


Speaking of the menus is immediately evident the need for a decisive rejuvenation for Milestone productions on the presentation side, even if being involved in many racing projects it is understandable that an optimization is implemented in a practical sense, but the menu setting reminds too much old team efforts and the impression is not very pleasant is to


play the same title with a different skin. If this is a negligible detail after all, it is not possible to overlook the stale structure of the career, more closely linked to the previous generation , whose inadequacy is expressed in the usual sequence of static screens on the inevitable contracts offered to our pilot, as usual completely customizable.

A whole new mud for MXGP 3

The identity with our dirty centaur is forced from the beginning, in order to represent an avatar to be enhanced through the internal credit system; any improvements to the bikes are paid in virtual currency that can be earned during the races. The internal economic system is already well defined,


so much so that a DLC is available to multiply the credits to accumulate and speed up the upgrade operations, but the game puts everything in the hands of the user without resorting to these practical shortcuts. Removed the detail of a career more dutiful than inspired,


in terms of content there is very little to complain about MXGP 3, the arrangements are very many and include the Grand Prix and championship (independent of career), time trials, different modes and support for online tenders.Particular among the most obvious, considering the license, is the presence of all liveries, riders and circuits of the official MXGP and MX2


championship. Therefore, the various Cairoli, Lupino and Maddii are wide with regards to our team, and obviously there are no shortage of houses. Appropriate and energetic music produced internally by Milestone, who knows well the range of users to whom the product is addressed, with a playlist full of dubstep and varied electronics.


What strikes most about MXGP 3 is the impact on the mud itself, unfortunately on Xbox One following long loading, with an immediately satisfying and expertly calibrated driving system by Milestone.


The possibilities of customization offered to the player are many, involving the same physics, the artificial intelligence of the opponents and the inevitable rewinding to correct the errors , however it is good to remember that the difficulty is set by default on a very easy level,


and all activated aid. Settings are automatically transferred to all modes, so without a quick visit to the race options the game will seem overly permissive and accessible.

A whole new mud for MXGP 3

By setting the simplified physics to assimilate the dynamics, the effect generated is that of a great fun and spectacular, so as to evoke fascinating ghosts from the past, such as Enduro Racer by SEGA. Despite its inevitably “simcade” nature, Milestone racing is not to be underestimated in its dynamics by turning off the aid and setting the difficulty in realism mode.


In this case the game can become quite challenging, with the rider’s falls that no longer represent sporadic events, but without reaching the heights of realism that can undermine the fun.This means that, even in pro mode, some inevitable contact will be forgiven, a compromise that we are not sorry but that could generate disagreements.


The management of artificial intelligence is less exciting, with pilots having a tendency to maintain a calculated distance. This implementation is resolved in the classic climb, with the first places obviously at a safe distance and more difficult to reach.