A superhero review for Megaton Rainfall

All of us, sooner or later in life, have dreamed of being a superhero. The desire to emulate the deeds of Batman and company is not exclusive to children, but it is a desire hatched even by the most grown-ups who devour films and comics dedicated to the saviors of the Earth. Not having the opportunity to do it in real life, the independent studio Pentadimensional Games decided to give us the opportunity to become Superman at least in the videogame with Megaton Rainfall .


The opportunity to satisfy the desire above is rather greedy, considering that the game supports virtual reality to make us drop even more in the part: we did not let it slip away, and after wearing our costume we put ourselves in the head also the helmet of PlayStation VR, to see in the first person what effect it is to be the defender of the weak.


Megaton Rainfall is set on a planet Earth invaded by a mysterious alien race, landed on our side with intentions far from peaceful. A situation that seems desperate already at the start and that only the protagonist, son of an otherworldly (almost) omniscient entity, can try to solve.


The first power with which we meet is what allows us to fly, reaching supersonic speeds that allow us to turn around the Earth to reach any point within a few moments. A necessary aspect, since the alien attack is carried out by devices of mass destruction that appear from city to city, making a clean sweep of everything they find on their way.


The main objective of each mission is obviously to defeat these devices, but being also attentive to the number of victims related to the battle against the aliens: not only the latter can destroy a


building, but we too in case we are not attentive to the use of our powers. In fact, our hero is able to shoot shots of energy towards the invaders, at the most advanced levels able to dodge or deflect the attack: in this case it may happen that there are human losses for our responsibility.


In addition to being careful about how to use the powers, you must therefore always keep an eye on the number of victims, because its excessive value decrees the end of the mission.Each battle is evaluated with a score, possibly allowing us to improve as superheroes back on the spot to get a better evaluation, to share then with friends and not in the ever-present ranking.


The difficulty naturally grows, so Megaton Rainfall proposes to us simpler situations to deal with in the beginning, and then introduces more complicated alien devices: from the mega spaceship in Independence Day style to the vermone that pierces the buildings,


from the spaceship capable of camouflaging to some species of thin and difficult to hit hammers. Fortunately, even the powers of our superhero go hand in hand, giving us the chance to count on more powerful shots or special abilities like to stop time for a few moments.

A superhero review for Megaton Rainfall


Megaton Rainfall has a total of fourteen Trophies, all of a bronze type. To get them, in addition to completing all the missions you have to properly explore the playing area, reaching the most remote corners from the Earth. Reward also missions without human victims and those in which you get an evaluation A, in addition to the inevitable speedrun of the game in less than two hours. To try.


Even if over the years abused, the phrase of Buzz Lightyear on this occasion fits perfectly. The experience of the flight in Megaton Rainfall deserves to be told separately, because otherwise it could only seem the way that Pentadimensional


Games has thought to make us move from one point to another. While we are standing on the ground in the midst of humans we can take flight, coming to feel the wind and the clouds that caress our face up to go even higher in the atmosphere, distinguishing the round shape of our planet.