A preliminary review of Fable Fortune. Old tale of the old way

2017 – a good time to issue a new card game. Hearthstone is still strong, but he had many boring. Tired of the pirate-warriors and quest-robbers are looking for new entertainment. After leaving the tavern of Azeroth, they open ” Gvint» , of The Elder Scrolls: Legends , Eternal , and now of Fable the Fortune .
Heroes of Albion stayed on the road for almost a year. First Lionhead Studios was closed by the Microsoft, then the staff who worked on the game, created a new company, and came to a Kickstarter, but failed to attract due attention and necessary means. The developers of the Flaming Foul believed in their cause and managed to bring the project to open the test. The game turned out nice, but devoid of originality.

In a rut

Deja vu feeling of light appears immediately after the launch of Fable Fortune and grows with each batch. Envelopes-boosters, with a deck box, unobtrusive music – the game is trying to be like Hearthstone in all. All the same thirty cards on the hero, with a maximum of two copies, unnecessary duplicates can also be sprayed.
In the closed test, creation of maps was more interesting – for winning players receive the materials, reduces the cost of the new “mythic.” The old system was abandoned, and now save up enough right amount of ink .
Interface opening boosters at Blizzard copy all and sundry.
Mechanics battle different from the mechanics in Hearthstone purely cosmetic. Put creatures, cast spells, marching in the direction of the image with a hero. Is that the income of both players is growing since three coins, rather than one, and the skill of “provocation” (here it is called Guard) on creatures is almost never. Next to the power button of the hero (? The ability of 2, something familiar, does not it) is a circle with a shield – you are free to send to any protection being put up just one coin.
Other ways to block enemy fighters almost none, except that you can stun them for a turn. During the match, you can perform three quests: to spend the right amount of coins or expose dear beings – the list depends on the mode. The award will get a unique map of average utility, and your hero is full of grace or go to the side with cookies. In both cases, two coin class ability is enhanced.
The choice between good and evil is often obvious – a useful ability is always under a second to collect his or her deck. Along with the hero and change some cards that should provide variability, but in the first set bit, and meta-game, they have little effect. As a bonus, you can also add them to the deck one card from the restricted list, which will be in your starting hand.

Fantastic six

A good start. Trader will be difficult to stop.
Who are six classes of characters. They differ from each other quite strongly, but still fall into the familiar archetypes. Fable Fortune takes not original, but the style classes are gone from the standard trinity warrior mage thief with variations very far.
Knight. Brave farmer hike straight from the county fair. Maps appropriate – the same gang of peasants (only a puny), racing on a pig, pitchfork and shovel blows. One in a paladin of Hearthstone, is able to induce farmers every move and strengthen them. After the first quest peasants turn into healers or reason in the sappers.
Prophet. The blessed old man, a pilgrim of the desert. Can heal, can not be treated, nothing else can. Very straightforward class that seeks to tighten the game to put more fat creatures and crush the enemy with them. Priest Hearthstone at the start at least able to read thoughts. With the development of the nature of the treatment slightly increases the parameter exists.
Dealer. Cunning fellow, who knows a lot about money. Friendships with them completely by pirates and all sorts of charlatans. The strength of the hero calls a coin, half the class of creatures and spells or paved more gold, or calls a random card in your hand. After completing the task, can lower the cost of the cards in your hand or make them stronger. Similar to the one of the archetypes of the robber, but interesting cards for long combinations Fable Fortune significantly less.
Six classes, mixed cards are not allowed.
Alchemist. Beauty, fashionista, clicks his heels on the parquet floor, and offers court ladies potion for all occasions. It is declared as a combo character, but in reality can only reinforce the parameters of creatures and rearrange them (to cope with than a knight and merchant). Only one of the characters with a random ability Viale gives an increase in the power of being or health. In the middle of the party to choose between drugs and reinforced double their number. Effective, but rather monotonous.
Gravedigger. The most original class – a fragile girl with a shovel and an army of skeletons. Her ability to focus on a profitable exchange of creatures or their resurrection. Class ability more chivalrous, zombies are encouraged to immediately skill Rush and can attack in the same turn. After completing the quest, you can make them stronger or cause just two. Can pull from the dead several strong monsters and turn the party. When you play for it will require a good memory – to spy, what creatures have gone to the cemetery for the game is simply nowhere.
Little Red Riding Hood. Do not believe the sweet little face! This beast – most bloodthirsty hero in the game. Her spells maim, just go to the cemetery and increase your strength at the expense of the wounded opponents. Bleed the can from a werewolf to become a vampire, or to become a elf and with a vengeance scratching fingernails enemy hero. It reminds all at once aggressive archetypes Hearthstone, especially hunters. The most popular character in the online game.
The most spectacular card went to the alchemist. After the same orcs and elves, curly wigs and cats with bows look original.

Good in theory,

There are three modes: training, player vs. player and co-op. “Artificial idiot” disappointing once, any starting deck stops even bot difficulty Hard. In competitive mode more interesting, but the algorithm of selection of an opponent is not yet set. Through time across a complete novice and professionals with a bunch of expensive Fabled cards. The interface is quite user-friendly, although very short of recording actions: distracted for a second, you’ll never know what this trader shot your guard. For the victory over man sleeps off a decent amount of gold and other awards. After reviewing all the classes a little, you will earn on the half-dozen envelopes with new maps.
Lady necromancer makes a simple choice.
Co-op mode would be a highlight, even in the printed card games it is uncommon, recalls the “two-headed giant” in MTG and the dispute for the title “Game of Thrones.” The co-op Fable Fortune two randomly selected players fighting together against the deck boss. The scale of the health of the heroes of the total, the card on hand neighbor can spy.
This mode could be a substitute for a missing scene, but so far it seems to be underdeveloped. Queues on the game in the evening hours are too long. There is not enough cooperation between the two allies, a few cards can alleviate the plight of colleagues or to help him to play creatures. And most importantly, there is no opportunity to talk with a friend, ask for help or advice. Even in the Hearthstone, where there is no such a regime can be exchanged remarks, emotions! Without proper coordination, you are unlikely to overpower even the middle of the enemy. In practice, it is even worse, the allies passed the moves, or even give up, and you are dooming to failure.