A paid character transfer is available in World of Warcraft Classic – review

Company Blizzard announcedthat the paid character transfer service now extends to World of Warcraft Classic. In some sections of the store there is still a postscript about the unavailability of the service in the “vanilla” version, but this problem will be resolved soon.
Transfer character it is possible according to general rules: only within the region, and only to the appropriate server type: you cannot move from the PvE world to a PvP server. You can make only one transfer in 90 days.

The classic version of World of Warcraft imposes its own laws. Players cannot transfer all their good with the character. For heroes up to level 30, the maximum amount allowed for transportation is 100 gold. Heroes up to level 50 can grab 500 gold with them, and from level 51 this amount doubles.

Meanwhile, in the version of “Battle of Azeroth” has begun Winter Veil celebration. All cities and camps are decorated with Christmas trees and snowmen, and in Orgrimmar and Ironforge you can get holiday tasks and ride a flying sleigh.