A new look at symbiotes: Sony has published a large selection of frames from “Venom 2”

Newly sequel to the comic blockbuster “Venom“was postponed from September to October, but a few days ago, rumors spread across the network that Sony pictures is considering postponing the release of the tape again, until early 2022. Until the studio decided to take such a step and focused on promoting the October premiere, presenting a new selection of frames from the film

Fresh images showcase the main characters. “Venoma 2“, including Eddie Brock and his ex-girlfriend Anne Weying, who are under interrogation at the police station, Cletus Cassidy, a supervillain named Screech, Detective Mulligan, and the symbiotes themselves.

The story of the film will be tied to the confrontation with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and the maniac Cletus Cassidy (Woody Harrelson), who, by chance, becomes the master of the Carnage symbiote, escaping from prison after a failed execution.

“Venom 2” starts in Russian cinemas with October 14

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