A Masterpiece Forever – Resident Evil 4 celebrates its 15th anniversary

With an exit Resident evil zero In 2002, many had the feeling that their favorite series was slipping in place, for a long time without offering almost any significant changes. A few years later, on January 11, 2005, with the hands of the author of the line, the Japanese game designer Shinji Mikami, the fourth part of Resident Evil saw the light, offering fans a completely new look at the franchise.

Originally released exclusively for the console Nintendo GameCube action adventure Resident evil 4 made a splash in the game world. Journalists and gamers were delighted with the impressive image and dynamic gameplay, which made a big leap against the backdrop of classic releases.

The first and most significant element that had a great influence not only on future games of the series, but also on many other game manufacturers, was the new camera perspective. The outdated fixed camera was replaced by an innovative look from the shoulder of the hero, who in the following years migrated to titles such as Gears of war and Dead space.

From now on, the player could see perfectly everything that was happening in front of him and around him, accurately shooting at opponents, whom here, for the first time in the franchise, were no longer zombies, but Spanish villagers and cultists infected with a terrible parasite.

The second major change was the very tone of the game – the developers abandoned the slowness and leisurely exploration of locations with frequent puzzle solving, relying on action and speed. Moreover, during spectacular battles, players could break glass, barricade doors and jump out of building windows, trying to escape from waves of opponents. Compared to past parts, it was something unheard of. Although it is worth noting, there is still a group of fans who does not share the joy of changing the formula and considers the decision of Capcom to be a mistake, but all indicators of the success of the game suggest otherwise. Moreover, Resident Evil 4 was able to actually degenerate the series and attract an entirely new army of admirers to it.

In Resident Evil 4, players in the role of former police officer Leon, who became a government agent, are sent on a rescue mission to Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, who was kidnapped by a mysterious cult.

In the course of passing, in only one initial village, players will have to repulse not only its bloodthirsty inhabitants and their local leader, but also real monsters living in this area, including El Gigante and a huge monster on the lake. The battles with them were very memorable.

In the context of opponents, it is also worth noting separately the first battle with Jack Krauser, a former colleague and friend of Leon, whom he considered dead (a detailed history of their relationship is revealed in the game Resident evil: Darkside chronicles for Wii and PS3) Instead of the standard character control during the battle, we were offered an incredibly high-quality set of cinematic QTE scenes with a spectacular knife fight, in which every mistake or untimely reaction to pressing the buttons shown on the screen resulted in the death of the hero, which made the battle extremely tense and so exciting.

Also, a new element for the series was the system of buying, selling and pumping weapons, which was carried out through a colorful seller, kindly inviting Leon to get acquainted with his assortment, talking between the cases crown phrases.

Since its release, Resident Evil 4 has become a true classic, one of the most influential games in the entire history of the industry. For example, she was inspired by the authors. The last of us, which today is one of the main releases of the decade.

Creation of Capcom regularly falls into various lists of the best games of all time and, despite its age, it still plays nicely and continues to conquer new platforms, the last of which was Nintendo switchwho received her version of Resident Evil 4 last year.

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